Saturday, August 1, 2009

it's been forever...

some pics from this summer so far...

*ian and jess outside Numidia Raceway in Numidia, PA for 4th of July fireworks*

*jess and ian after a trip to Knoebel's themepark with the most amazing ice cream ever*
*george, tristan, jecca and ian at knoebel's on the ferris wheel*
*jecca and tristan at playa cancun*
*jecca and betsy at the stanley house in Bloomsburg, PA*

*sarah, matt, jess and jack back home in NN after the trip to AZ*

*shaquani, jess and sito in AZ*
*i forget his name, jess and sito in AZ*
*jess and sito*
*sarah, matt and jess at the sheraton crescent hotel in phoenix, az*
*miranda, sarah, jess, matt and corey at the sheraton*
*sito, jess and shaquani in the Gap, AZ*
*otis, regan, matt, jess, sito & sarah outside the church in hidden springs, AZ*
*jess, sarah, matt, regan & karen making flatbread for navajo tacos!!*
*matt and jess at Lake Powell, AZ*
<3 jecca

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Anita said...

Those boys with all that hair are adorable!!:)