Thursday, August 30, 2007


just wanted to post a pic of me and my super-sweet new roomie!!!!
so here we are... kinda disheveled (sorry if it's spelled wrong, Katie told me how to spell it), but it's been a long day and we are a little bit tired... to say the least. ok so here we are and in are beds we are about to be <3

pat's pizza

tonight everyone that was at orientation today went to pat's for free pizza. the pizza was actually pretty good. i got a double-dough pineapple pizza. quite lovely. earlier today i turned in my syllabus and found out my instructor really liked the paper i wrote on monday night. so far so good, right? i'm actually going to get in bed and watch a movie and then sleep! i know it's only 9:20, but i've been working hard this week! anyway...bring on the last weekend of my freedom. i'm looking forward to it. we're starting it off with ANOTHER potluck meet and greet at a faculty member's house. ugh...more cupcake making for me, i guess. stick to what you know, amanda, stick to what you know.

oh! today at lunch one of the other ta's got all badass and slowly and purposefully flicked a bee off his sandwich like it was no big deal. "oh, i'm pretty sure that bee is dead now," he said after we watched it fly off with a certain arch that you really don't see bees fly in. i laughed so hard that i cried and then had to take off my sunglasses, wipe my eyes and carry on. good stuff. hope it translates...

beware of the sprayer

Okay, so today I was making a mexican bean dip that I thought Keven, Josh and Dad would enjoy. There are canned beans in it that have to be rinsed. The immediate family knows the troubles that we have with our kitchen sprayer (next to the regular faucet). Well, as I was spraying the beans I thought I saw water shooting out the side. So I stopped to make sure it was tight around the bottom part. When I did, I totally forgot about the actual sprayer and proceeded to spray myself in the face and all down the front of me. I couldn't believe it! Mom would have had to hold her stomach in laughter over this one.

I had to change my clothes and I mean ALL of my clothes!!!!

am i getting paid for this?

probably not...
i tried to fill out my paperwork today so i could get paid for my first two jobs and they wouldn't give it to me. (it's the new girl in financial aid and i'm not sure that she knows what she's talking about... this is the same girl that gave me a 'scholarship' that wasn't really a scholarship. arg.) so anyways, she tells me that i'm supposed to get the paperwork from my supervisor... well my supervisor sent me to financial aid. these papers are supposed to be filled out within three days of the start of work... well today is day three and still no paperwork. i asked carol if i was going to get paid still even though my papers weren't filled out and she didn't say anything. all i have to say is that someone's gonna see a 'jess explosion' if i have worked at the receptionist and the dumb athletic laundry room and i don't get paid for it... rawr. so i am at my receptionist job right now and there is not a lot to do... i answered like 15 calls in the last half hour. there are perks associated with this job though. like this finding this in the files on the PBU system: this is a picture of one of my teachers way back in the day, i guess... his name is Dr. Yoder and his son teaches here too... anyways, he retired last year and i guess they made him a memory book when he left and they saved the pictures to the school's hard drive and then i found them :) oh the things i do to keep me busy while working for one whole hour at the front desk.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little excitement

Wow - after reading Manda and Jess' info for the day I am REALLY appreciating my day even more. Work was easy if not even boring. I cooked AND it was good. And youth group was fun. Okay but picture this one...Big John (Bonesteel) stands up to make a somewhat serious announcement. As he is standing and talking he ever slightly begins raising himself (I guess up on his toes) until his head....yes his head went into the moving ceiling fan. The expressions on people's faces were more than I could handle. He is one weird, no crazy, no eccentric,

Oh the reason I named this little excitement has to do with the seasonings I discovered for my sauteed (sp?) vegetables that I put on my steak-um subs tonight....they were excellent. Henceforth, my little excitement for the day...

By the way, Tina got her money today!

guess what i'm doing?

wrong! the answer is writing a syllabus :)

don't be jealous, not everyone can be this cool. here's a little nugget to get you guys as excited about this semester as i am:

"Attendance Policy: Consistent attendance of this class is crucial. There is no substitute for the experiences, discussions and practice time we will have in the classroom each day. Your attendance will affect your grade primarily through in class assignments that may or may not be announced prior to class. Only students will University-mandated absences supported by letters on University stationery and those with documented emergencies will be allowed to make up work. Those who do not satisfy this requirement will not receive credit for assignments completed on the day of their absence."

sure, i'm a little tough, but either they will handle it and be better people for it, or they will drop the class. 13 of my 23 students are business kids, they should be all over this. the rest are a mixed up bunch ranging from new media (no clue...) to mechanical engineers.

should be interesting...

too many jobs

i think i might have too many jobs.
this would be a picture of me at my job #2. i wash uniforms for the athletic department. sounds fun, right? wrong. other than the fact that everyone needs their things at exactly the same time and we only have ONE washer and ONE dryer (everything is hung dry though... another downside), i have to share this small space with the scariest creature on earth.
this would be the 'crimson eagle'. the pride and joy of PBU... also known as my worst nightmare. yuck. also, it's like 900,000 degrees in here cuz there is no a/c or even a fan... oh yea, and there's another 'perk'... i don't get paid to sit here and wait for the loads to finish, even though i really can't go anywhere because by the time i get to where i am going then it will be time to come back... i think i might quit this job. i had an interview with PBU security today (shuttle driver or dispatcher- both set schedules with 8 hour blocks!), but i don't think it went very well. i was rushing to get there because i had been washing clothes all afternoon and lost track of time... and then the guy just asked so many random questions... oh well, i am supposed to hear from him either this afternoon or tomorrow... and then i will be able to quit washing other peoples' dirty laundry. speak of the devil, i gotta go switch loads so i can log another 6 or 7 minutes on my time card.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bologna sounds good

What does it mean when bologna sounds good? It means I need to buy some food for the house and actually cook something! I am so tired of fast food and restaurants. It makes my nose go up:( Hhhmmm, maybe tomorrow. Bologna, egg and cheese you say? Does that qualify as cooking?

the girls are growing up!

i'm so proud of you two! very impressive starts!

and mom...mowing at night? is that anything like mowing in flip flops? b/c that just seems dangerous.

I'm nervous

Anita, I'm proud of you posting so well already!

I'm nervous, as my title shows.

Last night as I was mowing the grass in the dark~yes, it was totally dark~I wanted to come inside and write something witty. But I was too pooped and dirty to do it. Then I had to make Keven's dinner, the famous bologna, egg and cheese sandwich....yum.

Well, the yard doesn't look too bad after all, I'm not going to go to the back of the yard and look too close but at least the mowing is done for one more week! Yeeha

Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Day

Okay, so today was a good day. I got done at work what really needed to be done. I talked to Christina, Jess and Amanda (all in one day:). Christina and Jess sounded really good. Manda not as good - but she was reading a book getting ready to write a paper and then head off to a meet and great (she's excused from the "really good" requirement). Dad had friends call and take him out to his favorite restaurant - IHOP of course. And I got to finish the night off with two episodes of Army Wives. Great show. Nice day. Wonder what tomorrow has for us all...


If you're trying to figure out how to add something to this main page, select new post on the upper right corner. I did it...I did it!!!

I figured it out!

Okay, so I just read your instructions per the other blog - you know the non-family bl0g and then was somewhat embarassed/calmed by your instructions. For the record, I wrote my comment before reading the intro - I would apologize but Manda said we "cannot CANNOT do anything wrong":)

So, the fun times are beginning for us family folk here on the world wide web - crazy! But can we all agree on one thing, this supplements our "talking" and doesn't replace it. I make fun of so many people out there saying they "talked" to someone when really they haven't heard the other's voice in a year!

That's all at this point - I want to look at whether this shows up before I carry on.....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

welcome family!

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