Thursday, August 30, 2007

beware of the sprayer

Okay, so today I was making a mexican bean dip that I thought Keven, Josh and Dad would enjoy. There are canned beans in it that have to be rinsed. The immediate family knows the troubles that we have with our kitchen sprayer (next to the regular faucet). Well, as I was spraying the beans I thought I saw water shooting out the side. So I stopped to make sure it was tight around the bottom part. When I did, I totally forgot about the actual sprayer and proceeded to spray myself in the face and all down the front of me. I couldn't believe it! Mom would have had to hold her stomach in laughter over this one.

I had to change my clothes and I mean ALL of my clothes!!!!


amandawhatshername said...

nice if only you had a video clip to share.

jess said...

you are absolutely ridiculous! i love you, mommy!!!! just so you know, i read this one out loud to katie and kristy :) <3