Thursday, August 30, 2007

am i getting paid for this?

probably not...
i tried to fill out my paperwork today so i could get paid for my first two jobs and they wouldn't give it to me. (it's the new girl in financial aid and i'm not sure that she knows what she's talking about... this is the same girl that gave me a 'scholarship' that wasn't really a scholarship. arg.) so anyways, she tells me that i'm supposed to get the paperwork from my supervisor... well my supervisor sent me to financial aid. these papers are supposed to be filled out within three days of the start of work... well today is day three and still no paperwork. i asked carol if i was going to get paid still even though my papers weren't filled out and she didn't say anything. all i have to say is that someone's gonna see a 'jess explosion' if i have worked at the receptionist and the dumb athletic laundry room and i don't get paid for it... rawr. so i am at my receptionist job right now and there is not a lot to do... i answered like 15 calls in the last half hour. there are perks associated with this job though. like this finding this in the files on the PBU system: this is a picture of one of my teachers way back in the day, i guess... his name is Dr. Yoder and his son teaches here too... anyways, he retired last year and i guess they made him a memory book when he left and they saved the pictures to the school's hard drive and then i found them :) oh the things i do to keep me busy while working for one whole hour at the front desk.

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