Saturday, April 26, 2008

phillies game and work

Katie and I went to the Phillies-Mets game last Sunday (4/20).

We didn't actually sit in our seats (which were even higher than these). Instead we sat in two empty seats in our section, but that were a little less nose-bleed. There were 3 extremely annoying men with things to prove who so graciously provided us with a running commentary regarding the intelligence of the Mets and their fans. I was thankful when they got up to get some more beer and didn't come back for a couple innings.

I don't know if you can see the green and white blob on top of the Mets' dugout, but that's the Phillies Phanatic. We don't actually know what it is. It is very green and furry almost, but it has feathers coming from its rear...

Yesterday, I was asked to help Laura (right) flip burgers for dinner that we were having on the walkway at school. I said yes, because I love to grill and I was just supposed to be the helper. Turns out that Laura is deathly afraid of flames. Wow. So, I turned out to be the primary burger cooker and I let her handle the hotdogs (which can be seen in this picture as she rolls them off of the grill and into the pan). I am not kidding when I say she is deathly afraid of flames. She was on the verge of a full-fledged panic attack at one point, and she said she would have just left and quit if I wasn't there. Fun times.

This is me and my favorite Asian, Yasuo Yoshimura. He loves me, he just doesn't show it in pictures. :)

From L to R: Yasuo, Billykins, me, Steph, Eric, and Rachel. They got to enjoy the fruits (or meats) of my labor.

So there you go, kids. Classes are done for the semester and I only have 4.5 papers left and 6 exams to go. I'm off to work in the meantime. <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

11th Reason why Today Can't be So Bad

I GOT THE JOB!!!!! Wanda from Tidewater Eye Care called me a few minutes ago and let me know that I got the position as Dr. Pavalock's medical assistant. I start on Friday at 8AM. Little early for me normally, but I will soon adjust. Yay! I got it! And I just look so cute in scrubs! :) That's an added plus!

Love you all,

why today can't be a bad day

first, i was just high on sunlight and b vitamins yesterday, so i approached the day well.

second, i put on some rarely-worn khakis this morning and found $40 in the pocket. it took me a while to remember to close my mouth.

third, my students wrote on the chalkboard for the first time this semester. they now realize that my handwriting isn't really all that bad.

fourth, my students taught each other the rules of comma usage in class, and it was actually fun at points.

fifth, at the end of class, i overheard one of my students saying that in the beginning of the class she didn't like writing, but now she does. (hallmark moment in which the teacher pretends not to have heard or be crying.)

sixth, after class, one of my students approached me and got my attention by calling me 'miss amanda'. it's been a while since i've heard that one :) but i don't think i've ever heard it from a student.

seventh, i was discussing a paper with a student and the next class started coming in. i went over to my table to pick up and juggle my things as usual, but instead the guy just grabbed it all with one hand and carried it down all four flights of stairs and into my office. (again, teacher wanted to smile and cry at the same time, hallmark-style.)

eighth, it is legitimately gorgeous outside. i'm trying to find a way to do my work outside, but i'm not sure it will actually work today.

ninth, school is out in 2 weeks and 2 days.

tenth, i fly home in 2 weeks and 6 days.

i think those are the reasons why today can't be bad. i have to remind myself of these things because i'm now off to work on harvey's paper. and... i have half a dozen reasons why that paper can't be good.


Monday, April 21, 2008

I see scrubs in my future!!!

I think only Anita heard about this, but this is verrrry big! My best friend, Melissa, works at Tidewater Eye Care. She's a front desk receptionist. Two weeks ago, a position came open and I pounced on it. After a long, grueling waiting period, I heard this morning that I didn't get the job. While that was a let down, I still wondered why they had called me this morning. Kim Goddin (a supervisor from the office) had called me to ask if I would be interested in taking a Medical Assistant position. Now, here's where I got excited. According to Kim, I would be the assistant to Dr.Pavalon (who is an optomitrist). I would be meeting with his patients before he sees them, going over their medical information, if they are having a procedure done, telling them what they can expect, etc. Also, I will assist the doctor in minor procedures; handing him his tools, etc. Medical Assistants start out at 12 dollars an hour. I can live with that. All I need to make sure of is that it is a full time position, and I'm covered. But, it will all be finalized tomorrow. They haven't officially said I have it, but they said it in so many words. Kim Goddin (it's such a small world) also used to go to Nansemond River Baptist when I was living at home. Mom used to keep her son, Trevor, in the nursery, and did so for years. Sorry, little tid bit of information.
BUT, the job has other perks. I work 8:30 to 5 every day. Weekends I have off, holidays I have off and are paid, if the doctor isn't working that day, I have off (that scares me a bit, but that's why I want to make sure it's full time) and I get to wear scrubs! That's one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. SO, hopefully tomorrow I will have a new job!

Love you all, and I'm SOOOO excited!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

formal... for real.

as usual, these pictures are kind of out of order. they're from spring formal tonight.
(my dress was the absolute coolest, cuz it had pockets.)

(me and nay nay.)

(me and renae with jodie. she's our favorite cook in the cafeteria, so we had to go see her before we left.)

(me and renae with the big mixer in the cafeteria's kitchen.)

(meg, me, rayanna, jen- outside the sheraton hotel)

(me, buttoning sean's shirt.)

(me and sean.)

(me and sean, again.)

(me, outside penndel- finally the boys came to pick us up. they were late.)

(renae was trying to get a picture of the back of my hair. it was twisted up the back [by rayanna] and then curled like crazy [by meg].)

(this was after it fell a little... but you get the picture.)

(brad, me, helmut, and clark. this is half of my night class and we decided to take this picture for susan [our teacher] cuz she loves us and wanted one.)

(duck, me and deon. they called this a sandwich. i called it delicious.)

(dan, del, sean, me, jen, ashli and meg. i wish del was omitted from this picture, but it didn't work out that way. just pretend he's not there. same with ashli.)

formal was fun. as i predicted, the best part was taking pictures. del was actually the most obnoxious, rude person ever so that was pretty lame. he went to PBU a while back and wanted to come so someone got him a ticket... bad idea. i kinda went with sean as my date, but we all just kinda went together. i had a fun time and it was soooo much fun to dress up and get ready.

love you guys. talk to you soon. hope you like the pictures :) i wish i could think of something else to write, but i'm tired and i'm about to go to sleep... so that is my excuse.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring formal

so, my roommate kristy and i went out yesterday to franklin mills mall so she could buy a dress for formal. well... she ended up trying on dresses for two hours and not getting one. BUT in that time, i also tried on some dresses. i absolutely loved this orange one and attempted to take pictures of myself in the dressing room.

hahahahHA! i love this picture in the mirror. i can't decide if it's emo or what... but i like it :)

this is NOT a wedding dress. but it sure does look like one. kristy took this pic of me but we were trying to be stealth cuz we didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures or not. this dress actually stood up on its own when you got out of it... funny stuff.

ok, so, none of these dresses are the actual one i will wear to formal on saturday, but i thought ya'll might like to see what i gotta do around philadelphia to amuse myself sometimes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

just a little heads up....

just wanted to let ya'll know that i am going to my school's formal on saturday.
it's gonna be at the Sheraton Hotal @ Oxford Valley (which is the one that mom and dad stayed in when they brought me to school- so it's nice, but not spectacular).
as you might already know, real christians don't dance. so there will be none of that.
i guess we're just going to eat and sit around. sounds good to me cuz i don't know how to dance for real.
i am going with a big group of friends from school (but none of my roommates are included in that group).
i am also taking a special friend in addition to the group.
SO, just wanted to give the heads up and ask for prayer for a fun, safe night.
keep a look out for pics sometime on sunday hopefully.
<3 jesss

Friday, April 11, 2008

another adventure

is anyone getting tired of my random posts?
cuz if you are then i'll stop posting them :)

so... these pics need a little explanation.
i was hanging out in the cafeteria tonight with a bunch of people and daniel (one of the managers) put me in charge to close the gates, turn off the lights, etc. whenever we were done.... cuz, if you didn't know already, i'm kindof a big deal in the cafeteria. i work there and i do all kinds of odds and ends, so daniel said my friends and i could hang out there as long as we want.
well the caf. closes at 7 and we were there til 10 BUT after that i had to clock in and finish a job that i had started earlier but didn't want to interrupt friend time to finish.
SO it's like 10:30pm and i realize that i have to take the golf cart (used for banquet set-up/food transportation) back up the hill to the spot where it charges so we can use it in the morning BUT it's like torrentially raining and i didn't want to get super-soaked because i still had to walk all the way across campus after this to get my car and take it back down to my dorm. SOOOO i made do with what i had.
*good thing i was wearing my boat shoes... they got a little wet, they're supposed to be light tan*

*i found a chef's coat that i wore as a rain jacket. i also had some bar rags that i used as a head covering but i forgot to take them with me to katie's room so she could take my picture with them on*

*what do ya'll think.... i think i could pull this look off... :)*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

more, more, more!!!

more fun!!!

more ballet on benches (renae, me and sean) at rita's water ice.

so, my roommate just got a viola and is learning how to play. well, tonight we had a fire drill but we didn't think we had to go outside for it, so this thing is blaring like crazy and kristy is attempting to play the viola and all i could think about was the titanic. when the ship is sinking and the band is playing. it cracked me up.

me and meg at jose's going away party.

hahahahaaa..... this is me in my 'sporty wear' on top of a chair in the library with at least two drinks right in front of me, by the no eating and drinking sign (above renae's head). great times.

ha.... this was when renae and sean couldn't get their balance. and i was just having a good ol' time.... i don't actually know what i was doing though.

and this is me and sean.... and jose's hand coming from the side there.

we saw a movie ('21') after this... and it was boring. but we had fun before and after. yay for friends. yay for real, good friends and real, good times.
love you, guys!!!
<3 jess

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chris Leichty

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows to pray for Chris and Laura. Chris is having an MRI tomorrow morning at 8:30 and he sees an optomologist later in the day. He's been having severe headaches for a couple of weeks and some vision problems. The doctor last night said he is very concerned and that is why the MRI was scheduled so quickly. Naturally they are trying really hard not to freak out.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

(me, sean and jen at the park).

so... i had a great time last night for the first time in a long, stressful while.
here are some pics :) (i really don't know why this thing is underlining everything, but hopefully it will stop cuz it's getting on my nerves.

sean, me, dan, jose and pat at the park.

the gang (minus renae) at the park.

this guy is my hero. he gave me a piggy-back ride and he has a defibrilator that he let me feel under his skin (kinda like my port, only a lot bigger and box-shaped), in return i let him feel my port. he was equally impressed.

i think i was born to be a ballerina. i'm just so good at it :)

renae and sean wanted to try to be ballerina's too.
*i hung out with jen, megan, renae, jose, dan, pat and sean last night from 8ish to 3:30am. we played mini basketball for hours in renae's apartment and i made jell-o. it was a big hit (but only with me and sean). we went to wendy's and we went to the BP for drinks after our games. when it was curfew time at 1am the boys got kicked out and so we decided to go to the park. i felt like such a kid and we played around forever.

i'd post more but i need to do homework like crazy. hope you like my adventures from langhorne into the wee hours of the morning.
<3 jess

Thursday, April 3, 2008

i'll bring the cupcakes!

i think i've just decided that this should be my mantra. and maybe my calling. next stop: the martha stewart show!

i (so proudly) present: pineapple upside-down cupcakes

this picture brings to mind a favorite lyric; see if you can place it.
"sure, the world wide web is great. but you, you make me salvavate..."

i almost kept this one from you to maintain my super secret preparations, but it's a good shot.

i hope you enjoyed seeing these without being able to even sample. maybe someday soon you'll twist my arm into making a new batch. :)

peace out, pineapples!