Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring formal

so, my roommate kristy and i went out yesterday to franklin mills mall so she could buy a dress for formal. well... she ended up trying on dresses for two hours and not getting one. BUT in that time, i also tried on some dresses. i absolutely loved this orange one and attempted to take pictures of myself in the dressing room.

hahahahHA! i love this picture in the mirror. i can't decide if it's emo or what... but i like it :)

this is NOT a wedding dress. but it sure does look like one. kristy took this pic of me but we were trying to be stealth cuz we didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures or not. this dress actually stood up on its own when you got out of it... funny stuff.

ok, so, none of these dresses are the actual one i will wear to formal on saturday, but i thought ya'll might like to see what i gotta do around philadelphia to amuse myself sometimes.


Anita said...

Beautiful Jess! My pick is the orange too!:)

trresa said...

Fun dresses Jess!! Love the tat by the way :)

jess said...

i'm glad you love the tat (cuz it was for you :))