Saturday, April 26, 2008

phillies game and work

Katie and I went to the Phillies-Mets game last Sunday (4/20).

We didn't actually sit in our seats (which were even higher than these). Instead we sat in two empty seats in our section, but that were a little less nose-bleed. There were 3 extremely annoying men with things to prove who so graciously provided us with a running commentary regarding the intelligence of the Mets and their fans. I was thankful when they got up to get some more beer and didn't come back for a couple innings.

I don't know if you can see the green and white blob on top of the Mets' dugout, but that's the Phillies Phanatic. We don't actually know what it is. It is very green and furry almost, but it has feathers coming from its rear...

Yesterday, I was asked to help Laura (right) flip burgers for dinner that we were having on the walkway at school. I said yes, because I love to grill and I was just supposed to be the helper. Turns out that Laura is deathly afraid of flames. Wow. So, I turned out to be the primary burger cooker and I let her handle the hotdogs (which can be seen in this picture as she rolls them off of the grill and into the pan). I am not kidding when I say she is deathly afraid of flames. She was on the verge of a full-fledged panic attack at one point, and she said she would have just left and quit if I wasn't there. Fun times.

This is me and my favorite Asian, Yasuo Yoshimura. He loves me, he just doesn't show it in pictures. :)

From L to R: Yasuo, Billykins, me, Steph, Eric, and Rachel. They got to enjoy the fruits (or meats) of my labor.

So there you go, kids. Classes are done for the semester and I only have 4.5 papers left and 6 exams to go. I'm off to work in the meantime. <3


trresa said...

The stadium is so BIG, that looks like so much fun!!

One more semester almost over!!!!Yay! Then we get to see you in person for a few minutes :~)

You're a great cook Jess, they are lucky to have you!

jess said...

ha, mom. you're too funny. i miss you a lot. i can't wait to see you for a few minutes. :)

amandawhatshername said...

you have a favorite asian. oh, man.

Anita said...

Cool come on home now. Miss you!