Wednesday, April 9, 2008

more, more, more!!!

more fun!!!

more ballet on benches (renae, me and sean) at rita's water ice.

so, my roommate just got a viola and is learning how to play. well, tonight we had a fire drill but we didn't think we had to go outside for it, so this thing is blaring like crazy and kristy is attempting to play the viola and all i could think about was the titanic. when the ship is sinking and the band is playing. it cracked me up.

me and meg at jose's going away party.

hahahahaaa..... this is me in my 'sporty wear' on top of a chair in the library with at least two drinks right in front of me, by the no eating and drinking sign (above renae's head). great times.

ha.... this was when renae and sean couldn't get their balance. and i was just having a good ol' time.... i don't actually know what i was doing though.

and this is me and sean.... and jose's hand coming from the side there.

we saw a movie ('21') after this... and it was boring. but we had fun before and after. yay for friends. yay for real, good friends and real, good times.
love you, guys!!!
<3 jess


amandawhatshername said...

jessica, i am so jealous of your fun. don't ever graduate. it's not worth it. :)

jess said...

awe, mandi. i don't think i have to worry about graduating any time soon... ha! i actually have to have a meeting with my advisor to discuss that very subject.
love you, mandi!
<3 jecca