Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wonder Woman steps down from her throne...

I just have to share... I went to a Halloween Party this past Saturday with a few friends. Kiel went as a Ghostbuster (as you know), Von went as a Gangster, Varis went as Black Moses (I will share the details in a minute) and I was Wonder Woman. Now, looking back on the whole situation, I really didn't take the time to think out how I would be perceived. Oddly enough, I had to take Bess (Von's girlfriend) to work that night before we left for the party. Since we were going straight to the party after I took her, I was already in full costume. Now, picture if you will me in my costume. Now, picture me driving down Main Street in Suffolk (which is always pretty busy and populated) in my full costume, cape and all. I stop at the Oysterette (which is a bar right on the corner of Main Street where Bess waitresses) and let her out. Bess hesitates and says, "Can we actually go to Rite Aid and then work?" "Sure," I reply not thinking the wiser. We pull up at Rite Aid, and for some odd reason, I get out of the car and go in with Bess. This is where it gets interesting. I think because I had not yet put on my extremely cute red stilettos and I was in regular bedroom shoes that it didn't occur to me that I was in my costume. (That was a really long run-on sentence. Sorry Manda.. :) I walk into Rite Aid, proud as can be. It wasn't until we were in the children's isle that it hit me. A small child accompanied by her mother says very loudly, "Mommy, there goes Rainbow Bright!"

Now, I am a child of the '80's... I remember Rainbow Bright quite well, and while I was flattered in a way by the comment, I didn't resemble Rainbow Bright in any way... I turn beat red, and tell Bess, "I'm going to the car." My way back to the car was an adventure all in itself. Cars honked, people waved, and children screamed in excitement. One couple walked past my car (while I was sitting inside) and actually paused, stared, and walked away. I was mortified. I called Anita and proudly said, "I feel like a retard." Anita laughed, and I did too. On to the party we go.

Varis wore a bathrobe brown in color, with flip flops and a long wig. Right as we're about to walk out the door, he says, "Tina, cut my hair real quick." I would like to say, for the record, that I should be a hair stylist. I simply took the wig in a handful, and cut below my fingers. Varis's wig then took on a "Victoria Beckham" type look. Short in the back, longer in the front, slanted ever so slightly. It was beautiful. It was a moment... :)

The party was fun. We got home around 10, which was early, but I was tired of being Linda Carter, and everyone else was tired of their new identities. That was my moment. If I can track down someone at the party who took all the pictures, they will be soon to come..

Love you all! :)

our amphibious friend and other concerns

since you all are so new to this blog notion, allow me to explain this frogonabike. frogonabike has a blog. he blogs about riding his bike. my guess is that frogonabike was randomly on blogger and hit the "next blog" button and voila! a sweet little family blog. and look here, someone is asking for advice and hasn't gotten any. well, says frogonabike, i know what she should do. so...as a member of the blogger community, frogonabike gave his two cents. it was nice. helpful. not at all skeezy. :) so...he's not going to announce or introduce himself b/c he's most likely never going to read this blog again. sorry, kids. it's just the nature of the blog. anyone, anywhere in the world can read this jank. thing is...only very few people in the entire world care anything about it. and you will find that list of people down there to the left.

now...on to more important things. i'm addicted to this stuff:
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to me, bangor means the mall, the mall means victoria's secret, victoria's secret means me buying 5 new pairs of underwear. what you see before you is one hundred dollars worth of "girl boxers." since matt is the only one who ever sees them (similar laundry schedule) and he usually makes some playground "eww..." comment, i decided to share my collection with you. enjoy!

halloween pictures to come.

oh, and just in case you were wondering what i look like today, i guess it has been a while:
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Honest Opinions Needed

I went to a joint Mary Kay and Longeburger open house this weekend even though almost every ounce of me was saying not to go. I wanted to be supportive of the people having it and I decided it was okay because I needed some face cleanser. That was plan - face cleanser only because any one who knows of the Longe...however you spell it...baskets know they are ridiculously expensive. I made it the entire time and was strong. At the last minute I saw this ceramic (yes, not basket) dish that was the kind you put vegetables around it and dip in the center in the bowl. It was 39.99. To me I thought that was expensive but I knew I didn't have anything like that and that it would be okay to spend a little more than I would in the store. So I told the host that I wanted that and she started writing up my order from across the room. In front of everyone (me in the den her in the kitchen) we discussed the color options and I made my choice. Suddenly she asked "do you want the bowl too?" My first thought was of course I want the bowl. And then it hit me...the bowl was not included. $40 was just for the ring! That is crazy! But how do you suddenly pull out of an order when it is so obvious? I clearly didn't know the answer and wrote out a lovely $67 check. It just makes me sick. It's not even a dish I need. So, here's the question. Could I possibly contact the host now and ask if I can cancel my order? What do y'all think? What is the socially acceptable thing to do?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hello all! I thought this was probably the funniest thing that's happened in the past few days, so I thought I would share.

Because of working so much, I had failed to buy a Halloween costume. I had a few ideas, all of which I'll share, but I just had been rushing around so much that I never made it to purchase anything. Needless to say also, money was another large issue in my costume crisis. I even went as far as to google home-made costume ideas. None of which proved worthy of my expectations. I had hoped to be one of the following: a devil (who even knows why I picked that), an angel (I really just wanted to wear the wings...) a witch, or a gangster. I think the reason why the majority of my costume picks circled around angels, devils & witches was a deeper rooted issue. Mom never let me even fathom the possibility of being a witch or devil out of jest. My childhood costumes consisted of fairies, Princess Leia, cheerleaders, old ladies (which was one of my favorites that we used Mammaw's moo-moo and Betty Doofle's wig), Rose from Titanic, etc. All were fictitious or playful characters, but none centered around witches or anything along that line. Even though it was to be playful and not malicious, it was still never allowed. I was leaning seriously towards an angel or a gangster this year, but with it being so close to Halloween, I had given up the prospects of finding anything decent this year.

I had come home and was (oddly enough) watching an old horror movie on AMC while talking to Anita on the phone. Anita had said, "Tina, let me call you back, I have to run in somewhere and as soon as I leave I'll call you back." "Ok Anita," I said to her and myself as I continued to watch Halloween 2. The house was quiet, which is very unusual being as there is several guys that live here. Normally I hear football games, pots and pans clanging, or occasional high-fives and "YES" being yelled in the background. But, I still paid it no attention. Suddenly, the door to the room flies open, and in walks Kiel in a Ghostbusters costume. He played the part well, freakishly well. He had the whole ensemble. Even the equipment designated for a Ghostbuster that was hanging like a backpack on his back.

This was alarming on so many levels, be it as Halloween is several days away. Yet, I said nothing and stared in astonishment. He then takes on hand from behind his back and hands me an odd looking costume. I see brightly colored patterns, symbols, and colors. He says to me, "You didn't have time to go shopping, so I got you this.....

This is the exact picture of the costume on the bag he handed me. Now while I do not have the boobs to meet the expectations of the costume, and it will never ride that low on my chest anyway, I began laughing hysterically. I completely lost it when he interrupted my laughter and said, "The only problem is, it's missing it's tiara and the gauntlets meant for your wrists... Target was a mad-house.. I think someone must have swiped them..." I really couldn't contain myself now... Just then, my phone rings, and I see it's Anita. I'm still laughing when I answer. Anita says, "Are you still laughing from Granddaddy's freaky day?" (which is a story for another time..) "No Anita, I'm laughing because Kiel just ran into the room dressed as a GhostBuster and handed me a Wonder Woman costume..." Anita then begins laughing... It was, indeed, a moment.

So, this year, it has been decided for me. As fate would have it, I will be Wonder Woman, accompanied by a GhostBuster. As I thought about it more, I realized it was actually quite fitting. The past year has been trying, to say the least as all of you know. My year has been filled with turmoil, Mammaw's funeral, Dad and Mom's display at the funeral as well as there all around behavior, Brown Recluse Spider Bites, and only more disappointments from there. There has been its share of good as well. My family this past Christmas, getting to know Donna Jean and Curtis, buying a car with the help of Anita, and watching us all become closer despite the loss of Mammaw. It hit me all of the sudden when I remembered Anita's comment on Jessica's blog for "AHHHH". "Doing the right thing is hard, but it does pay off eventually." Wonder Woman does the right thing, despite her faults. It was almost like God was whispering to me, "Keep doing the right thing, even though it's hard." While it may be odd that a flashy Wonder Woman costume made me think of this, it's still what I thought. Never in a million years would I have thought to be Wonder Woman. But it was interesting how it played out.

Just thought I would share my odd moment... haha. I expect to see pictures of everyone's Halloween experiences and costumes... :)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my semester of love: an update

so...my students are back on my good side. we had an amazing (not even kidding) discussion in class today about the book we are reading and they were all fairly engaged. pat did, indeed, sit in on the class which was nerve-wracking but nice in a wierd way.

in class we discussed eric schlosser's chapters of fast food nation that expose the meatpacking industry for the horror show that it really is. my students were all over this (after some teacherly prodding), but they just couldn't get over one particular story from the text.

in describing chicago's packingtown of the 1960's, schlosser mentions one incident in which an employee fell into a vat of some sort and was made into lard which was then sold to unknowing customers. jason (loved him from day one, strict mainer in every sense of the word) raised his hand after his classmate references this incident.

"yes, jason," i said, waiting for the brilliance that would surely follow.
he began slowly with furrowed brow, "i'm just wondering...are you made into lard, or is it more like chunks of man in my lard? i'm not really familiar with lard myself."

the entire class, including me and pat, lost it. i then attempted to answer his question by explaining that since customers didn't know, i would doubt the "chunks of man" theory. however, not being familiar with lard either, i then began to conjecture about a straining process that would remove the "chunks" and the discussion degenerated from there. another student chimed in with, "would your clothes become lard too?" again, i referenced my ridiculous (read: completely made up) straining. we laughed all the way through the rest of class anytime another wayward student tried to make a point along the lines of, "it's better than being made into lard!" hilarious.

fast forward two hours when i go to talk to pat about what she witnessed and what she thought. first question: "who was the guy by the window in the red..." my answer: "oh...that's jason." her response: "oh, i absolutely loved him. right right right."

me too, pat. me too.

btw, she said the students were serious but not scared. love it. she also said that for a class period after an "i'm disappointed in you" lecture, they were surprisingly upbeat and willing to participate.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

101 and family blogs

dear anita,

i found your entry and decided to read through it and do the editing that you, no doubt, would have done yourself if given the opportunity. i corrected the title and kept moving. i got hung up at your self-depricating paranthetical confession but realized the claim was unfounded and moved on. i resisted the urge to respell "fricken" to the more widely accepted "friggin'" but decided that, alas, neither are probably anywhere near the oed and will, for that reason, not be held against us. i realized the erroneous spelling of "napoleon" actually lended more to the comedic effect and thus revised my previous revision to your title. after much overthinking, it dawned on me that i was doing just that. what i failed to recognize is that this blog entry (and every other) is not a 101 paper. we are not advancing claims or proving theses. there are no supporting points or bits of analyzed evidence from some nobler text. additionally, i came to the conclusion that while i might not really be helping my students, who are still determined to fail each of their papers and my class en toto, they are helping me. and not in a mr. holland's opus way, in a "never let go" titanic way. you see (silly awkward 101 metaphor ahead, save yourself now), my students are on the door floating in the icy water. i, poor but strikingly handsome and shabby chic, have attempted to show them the world outside their dorm rooms, i have drawn them pretty pictures and given them a voice. in return, they climb up on the door and say the things i need to hear. things like "i am going to take this draft more seriously" and "i know what i've been doing wrong." as soon as i get excited, they let me go. let my icy body slip below the surface of the water. thanks, kids. thanks a lot. so...you may ask what this has to do with the blog or life in general, but i think what it really boils down to is a girl on the edge. on monday i returned 11 failing papers and asked them to resubmit on wednesday. they are on the door, holding my hand. and i'm hopeful. tomorrow at noon, i will know whether i have a chance of making it into the boat. also, and this is just a little thing (read: really big thing), pat is observing my class tomorrow for the first and possibly only time. your timing, pat, is perfect. bring popcorn.

my classroom looks nothing like this.
oh, and, my students are certainly not doing that horrible gasping sob when they let go of my hand. that's for sure.

help manda

Um I did it again Manda. I typed a new post and then wanted to preview it. Of course I saw I needed to make some corrections. When I tried to do that...it disappeared. Sorry. I don't remember if you told me how to find it.

My unexpected visit from Napoleun Dynamite

Quite often in my line of work pens disappear. (Okay I must interject now that I am struggling with my spelling tonight. Already I'm not sure that I am spelling two words correctly. Can you guess what they are???) Back to pens...so they go missing quite often and easily. A few months back darling Jessica was packing to return to school. I was startled when I saw her gathering a large number of pens and taking them toward what appeared to be the trash bag - sad times. Fortunately I stopped her and rescued those dear well working pens and took a majority of them to work with me. I forgot that I must have even dropped a few of them down in my computer bag. WELL, today I began an inspection at a very sweet church affliated preschool and much to my amazement could not locate a pen. I absolutely detest using a pencil at such a time so the quest for a pen in the bottom of the bag began. TADA...I found one. A nice large pen with Napoleun (how do you spell that??) Dynamite on it. I knew that was silly but I was so relieved that I progressed with the inspection - pen in hand. Now you can imagine how surprised I was when I am walking along and suddenly hear "gosh". Of course that caused me to pause in a remote area of the building and inspect this pen. What I discovered is that when you click the top of the pen (which is required to bring the ballpoint out in most pens) Napoleun speaks! I immediately told myself I needed to leave that little clicker alone because how could one take me seriously as an inspector with him talking at my side. Unfortunately that thought left me. You see I have a little thing I do - I constantly click my pen when I am walking around because I'm thinking the ink is out and I am going to mark on something. Weird I know. Okay, so when I suddenly heard the word "lard" in a phrase I was quite confident I could not make that mistake again. Well, of course I did and that time I heard something to the affect of "fricken idiot". By this time I decided I had done enough of this inspection and really needed to just end it. All inspections end with me reviewing violation notices with the director and us both signing all copies....the pen was involved again!!! To my dismay, the director needed to use my pen and actually got quite excited when she saw what it was. Thankfully I was able to stop her before she innocently "clicked" because I had no idea what may come out of the mouth of that pen.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh, halloween, the best of holidays

the 30's gangster is a good idea, but it's actually not all that far from how i normally dress. :) at least what i wear when i teach...

i don't want to give away my super sweet costume choice, but i will tell you what i have rejected.

i have rejected dressing as the wicked witch of the west, even with the offer of one of those creepy flying monkeys.

i have rejected dressing as hera, even with the offer of my very own zeus.

(we would have both worn slightly more)

i have rejected dressing as a pirate, even with the offer of my very own cross-dressed wench.

(have you picked up on the fact that matt wanted to do a group thing? i say group b/c we both openly refuse the "couple" word.)

luckily, we got over ourselves and we are now dressing quite independently of one another. i think he's going to be winnie the pooh, which is just a little too close to reality, if you ask me. and there is no way in hell that i am dressing like anything resembling a pig or a tiger, so he's out of luck.

hopefully the pictures from the halloween party will be to your liking. :)


Hey Nita, what was the recipe you used for the pot roast the other night when we went over and ate? That was really good and I wanna know how to fix it. :D

My back doesn't hurt anymore... :)

Oh, in response to Amanda's Halloween inquiry: here's what we might be fore Halloween. (For those of you who don't know) Kiel's roommate Von (who is very tall and large) is going to be dead Tupac Shakur; Varis is going to be Dr. Dre, Torrence (Varis's cousin) is going to be Snoop Dog, Kiel is going to be Eminem, and I would be Kim Mathers. However, we might abort that idea and I just might be an angel. Who knows. But that's my idea... I think Amanda should be a 30's Gangster. That would be hot...

Lemme know what you decide for your costume Manda.

Love you,


Oh Stars...

Hello all. I'm having a moment, so every one run with it. I am sharing in the tiredness of Jessica. I got off work a few hours ago and my back is killing me in a very real way. Perhaps I have disrupted a nerve, or maybe I have a ruptured disk... All in all, my back is on fire. I know I sound a little whiny, but I just had to say it. Plus, I think I'm losing vision in my left eye, but only when I drive at night. Maybe it's time that I follow the doctor's instructions by wearing those glasses he gave me all those years ago. The Grubbs' Vision Emparement has taken over... Not to mention, I came home and began the oddesy that is the laundry pile, cooked dinner, washed dishes and cleaned the room. I am exhausted. The best part is: it all starts over again tomorrow morning.

Adulthood is overrated...

Love you Manda, Jessie, Nita, Theresa, Kevin, Donna Jean, Curtis, Trav, Granddaddy & everybody else.

Tina Weena

Saturday, October 20, 2007


arg. it is 1542 (3:42 for you lay-people) and i only have 18 minutes left, but i am about to fall out. i worked an eight hour day yesterday and today plus i had class yesterday and i am dead tired... PLUS regan and cody and some other people are up from VA to watch the last soccer game that started 20 minutes ago and i want to hang out with them... but i also have to drive the shuttle from 8pm to 1am tonight... so i am sitting at my desk now with a giant water bottle literally propping up my head... it's pretty sad.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Work Work Work

Ok everybody, I start my job tomorrow night. I'm working at Harbor's Edge, which is an independent living facility. I'm really excited because it's been so long since I've had a job. I have a second job at Food Lion as a cashier during the morning as well. I get off at three and go to Harbor's Edge, and they close at ten PM. I start Food Lion next week. I really cringe at going back to Food Lion, but there's nothing easier than scanning things. I still remember the numbers to produce, which is very sad after 5 years of not working there.

Bananas #4011.... :) Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fifty, if it'll go!

so...i'm realizing that every slight annoyance of my upbringing has prepared me for this exact moment. my furnace is completely inaccessible to me.

i'm not paying for heat, but that's good, because i'm not getting any either! i mean, don't get me wrong, it's right there and i'm sure it works, but that's as far as our relationship extends. the lack of heat combined with my lack of pajamas (they are binding! and there are scientific studies that show that people sleep better when they are not bound in such ways. i don't argue with science.) anyway, the lack of heat combined with my lack of pajamas makes for some interesting mornings in which i curse myself, maine weather, cold sheets and alarm clocks that are across the room. mind you, it's not quite cold enough to have the heat on all the time, so little miss has not really bothered to call the landlord about this pilot light business. well, today i asked our resident mainer if he could show me how to do it. he is not so convinced he can handle it, but he is convinced that i am crazy for not having turned it on before now. it was then when i started evaluating my situation. "oh yeah, i turned my on last week" they tell me in my office. really? really? it's not that cold at all. what could be the difference between their environment and mine? ah...yes...it's all coming together now. i've been trying to fulfill a generations old dream of "fifty, if it'll go!" that said, i'm not even close. right now it's seventy. no heat. very nice, i think. it's when it dips down to sixty-five, sixty that i really start questioning my sanity. but...alas, i think i will call the landlord tomorrow. after class and such. nope, i won't either. class gets out at 7:30pm and they will be long gone. well, thursday! mmm...maybe not...eh, i'm not worried. if ninety year old women can survive at fifty, then i'm sure i can too! better chilled and preserved than asphyxiated. i hate gas heat. my new nemesis. alright, i'm back to 101 planning. stop thinking about me naked!

UPDATE: the maintenance man has been to the apartment and the heat is rolling. it's quite lovely. my sheets are no longer painfully cold. good news :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adventure in the Dismal Swamp

I had dinner with Anita, Teresa, Donna Jean, Curtis and Granddaddy a few nights ago, and they encouraged me to tell this story on the family blog. I always forget that Jessica and Manda are far away and not here in good ol' VA. So here's my story.

Almost a month ago, I went canoeing (the spell check keeps stopping me on that one but not offering any other suggestions.. You all get the drift) in the Dismal Swamp in Gates County, NC. Kiel and I drove out there one Saturday afternoon. Now me, I'm picturing a beautiful clear lake with lovely scenery. When we got there, I asked Kiel, "How did you hear about this place?" Kiel's response was, "Bull told me about it." That should have been my first warning sign. "Bull" as he is known to his friends, is Kiel's soccer buddy. His real name is Thomas, but for some odd reason everyone calls him Bull. He even has "Bull" tattooed to the side of his neck. For the longest time, I thought that was his real name until I inquired one day and I learned the truth. But, I digress.

We pull up, and I see nothing but trees and a log cabin.. Off in the distance is a Porter Pottie, and then I see the canoes hanging up on posts. We get to the place where we have to pay, and it's only two dollars to canoe around for how ever long you wish. This should have been my second warning sign. We get a canoe and we start following the other people to the "Launch Area". Still, there is no sign of water. A man hands us life jackets, and then that's when I spotted it. A LARGE sign catches my eye. It reads "DO NOT FEED THE ALIGATORS. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE ALIGATORS. DO NOT MAKE SUDDEN MOVEMENTS IN THE PRESENSE OF AN ALIGATOR. PADDLE ON!!" I am alarmed, and I tell Kiel about the sign. He reads it and says, "Where are we???" Well put Kiel, well put. Third warning sign...

We reach the launch site, and all at once my fears are confirmed. The water is a thick green color. Not just slightly green, but algae, pond skum green. My heart begins to race, and I immediately start telling Kiel, "We can't fall in..." He laughs, and launches me in the water.
Now keep in mind, I have never canoed before. NEVER, not once in my life.

We launch ourselves, and begin paddling. We were supposed to be following the orange markers in the water. However, Kiel had other plans. "Let's go this way.." he said as we paddled off the path we were supposed to follow. We had a cooler of Gatorade and Nabs.. Maybe 6 of each. I kept this in the back of my mind as we paddled. This is when I noticed that I didn't see land ANYWHERE. The water stretched for as far as I could see. Scary trees lurked over the water and patches of lilypads were all we saw in the distance. Everything looked the same. This was the beginning of losing our way.

Two hours pass.... NO SIGHT of any other canoers. I looked at Kiel and said, "I think we're lost Kiel.." "No, we're not lost. We have to go back that way to get back to the launching sight. I'm positive." Kiel says. Another hour passes. We paddled in circles for almost 4 hours I think. We passed two men fishing at a point, and asked them which way was back to the launching sight. They stared at us in a very curious way, almost as if we looked appetizing...There facial expressions alarmed me. They looked at us and pointed in the direction of where we came from. "It's back that way." (insert extreme country accents in the response) All I could hear in my mind was the theme song from Deliverance. It was scary. Kiel looked at me and said, "Ok we're not going that way." The sun was frying our skin. With no shade in sight, all we could do was try to paddle back to where we came from. I pictured a scene from Lake Placid. A giant aligator was going to engulf our canoe and swallow us whole. My mind was beginning to race. Right then Kiel spoke up and said, "Save whatever is left in the cooler.. We might need it." This comforted me little at best. I then began to invision us on the cover of People Magazine. "Couple found in the Dismal Swamp after two day Search. Survived on Nabs, Gatorade and lilypad roots."

We paddled for another thirty minutes until finally we saw the markers again. I said a quick prayer of thanks and breathed a sigh of relief. We put the canoe back where it belonged and headed back to the car. It was starting to get dark. We sat in the car for a minute to digest the events of the afternoon. Kiel looked at me and said, "I didn't want to say anything, but I didn't think we were going to find our way back. No wonder people just disappear in the Dismal Swamp. Everything looks the same!" I knew he had been thinking it the whole time, but that's a man for you. Never the first to admit at being lost or expressing worry.

That's how we almost died in the Dismal Swamp.... FYI- Don't go to Gates County to canoe.... More adventures are sure to come. I love you all and I miss you Manda, Jessie and Travis! :)


Monday, October 8, 2007

a little update...

so as you all know i have been working a lot around school trying to increase my income for tuition next year and a few fun things too (Memaw always told me to indulge every now and then...I like to go by her example and buy something every other Friday when my paycheck comes out [not a whole outfit though :)] and then my craving to spend is basically over until the next paycheck)...anyways, in addition to my receptionist job as the university switchboard operator for a whopping one hour a day (5 whole hours a week!)

i have also started working for the Office of Safety and Security on campus, as a shuttle driver and a dispatcher (15 hours a week and 21 hours a week starting after fall break! yeehaw!)
well, as if that were not enough... i decided to work for the Pioneer Catering Service on campus. So, this past Friday and Saturday were our Crimson Celebration for homecoming. Friday I spent 7 or 8 hours driving around a golf cart with a flatbed on the back full of baked beans, steaks, chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, soda, tossed salad, a bucket of dressings that kept spilling, etc, etc, etc... these things had to be taken from the kitchen at the cafeteria down to the big top tent in the middle of campus for dinner... it was amazingly fun and i got paid to drive around a golf cart... it was a lot of work too though... i was so tired afterwards and my feet hurt like big dogs and my calves were sore too... haha. but anyways, i had a great time and i can't wait for another banquet so i can do it again...

(the cart was just like this one only it didn't have the rail all the way around the back... haha [the result however was only ONE pan of baked beans all over the parking lot- other than that the only casualty was a field hockey corner flag but that's a whole different story :)])
oh yea, just so you know... all ya'll in VA--> I'll be seeing you on Friday afternoon/night. Fall Break is October 15th and 16th which is this Monday and Tuesday coming up, so I am skipping class on Friday to come home for the long weekend. (I just wish Mandi could be there too...)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

what a great time to be without television...

"and, like, such as"
good thing she went on the today show to clear everything up. the difference between this girl and the today show cast is that the reporters have actually said something coherent in their lifetime. "yes, definitely."
oh...this is good stuff!
"well, my friends and i know exactly where the u.s. is on maps" (she must have my shower curtain too!)

good luck with those academic goals there, katlyn :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

what does this mean??

I am heading up the scavenger hunt for the entire youth group tonight and there has been alot of time planning and organizing it over the past week. Naturally, I dreamt about it last night however there was a twist pretty early on in the dream. It went like this.....

I got to church early to do some last minute little things. There were a few other people there too. So we're talking and I'm working and I ended up in the back of the youth house - of course by now everything is not looking exactly how it really is - when in walks Keifer Sutherland. So yea I'm surprised but he starts just talking to me like we know each other. Come to find out way back in the day we did. In fact we may even be related! The connection is Kentucky and we talk laugh interact - no big deal. So then all the sudden Tom Cruise joins to group. We continue talking and even reminiscing (sp?) - very weird at this point - and of course we tell them about the scavenger hunt and they want to go. I don't know why but I guess we still had plenty of time before everyone would be there so we - me, Keifer, Tom and several others - head out back to the camper. So we hang and talk just like everything's normal. And then I fall asleep. I think we all fell asleep. All the sudden I woke up and realized it was after 7:30!! So we ran out and saw that everyone had arrived for youth group but they were just milling around with no concern. I was thinking there is just no way we still have time for the scavenger hunt but I kept saying Kiefer Sutherland and Tom Cruise are here. Meanwhile, I hear music playing in the youth house and then I'm told it's Josh's group playing. Right around there is when the dream ended. Bizarre. No late eating. No Entertainment Tonight or anything similar. Definitely bizarre. Any ideas?