Sunday, October 21, 2007

oh, halloween, the best of holidays

the 30's gangster is a good idea, but it's actually not all that far from how i normally dress. :) at least what i wear when i teach...

i don't want to give away my super sweet costume choice, but i will tell you what i have rejected.

i have rejected dressing as the wicked witch of the west, even with the offer of one of those creepy flying monkeys.

i have rejected dressing as hera, even with the offer of my very own zeus.

(we would have both worn slightly more)

i have rejected dressing as a pirate, even with the offer of my very own cross-dressed wench.

(have you picked up on the fact that matt wanted to do a group thing? i say group b/c we both openly refuse the "couple" word.)

luckily, we got over ourselves and we are now dressing quite independently of one another. i think he's going to be winnie the pooh, which is just a little too close to reality, if you ask me. and there is no way in hell that i am dressing like anything resembling a pig or a tiger, so he's out of luck.

hopefully the pictures from the halloween party will be to your liking. :)


jess said...

i'm dying to see your costume choice!!! please, please share!!! i am going to be anita from the 80's... ahahhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! me, katie and steph are going over to laura's house and we're going to party with ourselves and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters... i love you mandi!

Anita said...

What is this madness?!? Are you telling the truth Jess? And if so, do you properly know how to do the makeup?:)?

And Manda, I must say I am glad that you rejected at least one of those choices:) Please tell there will be pictures of your grand event.

jess said...

yes i am serious... and i'm sure laura knows how to do it :)