Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wonder Woman steps down from her throne...

I just have to share... I went to a Halloween Party this past Saturday with a few friends. Kiel went as a Ghostbuster (as you know), Von went as a Gangster, Varis went as Black Moses (I will share the details in a minute) and I was Wonder Woman. Now, looking back on the whole situation, I really didn't take the time to think out how I would be perceived. Oddly enough, I had to take Bess (Von's girlfriend) to work that night before we left for the party. Since we were going straight to the party after I took her, I was already in full costume. Now, picture if you will me in my costume. Now, picture me driving down Main Street in Suffolk (which is always pretty busy and populated) in my full costume, cape and all. I stop at the Oysterette (which is a bar right on the corner of Main Street where Bess waitresses) and let her out. Bess hesitates and says, "Can we actually go to Rite Aid and then work?" "Sure," I reply not thinking the wiser. We pull up at Rite Aid, and for some odd reason, I get out of the car and go in with Bess. This is where it gets interesting. I think because I had not yet put on my extremely cute red stilettos and I was in regular bedroom shoes that it didn't occur to me that I was in my costume. (That was a really long run-on sentence. Sorry Manda.. :) I walk into Rite Aid, proud as can be. It wasn't until we were in the children's isle that it hit me. A small child accompanied by her mother says very loudly, "Mommy, there goes Rainbow Bright!"

Now, I am a child of the '80's... I remember Rainbow Bright quite well, and while I was flattered in a way by the comment, I didn't resemble Rainbow Bright in any way... I turn beat red, and tell Bess, "I'm going to the car." My way back to the car was an adventure all in itself. Cars honked, people waved, and children screamed in excitement. One couple walked past my car (while I was sitting inside) and actually paused, stared, and walked away. I was mortified. I called Anita and proudly said, "I feel like a retard." Anita laughed, and I did too. On to the party we go.

Varis wore a bathrobe brown in color, with flip flops and a long wig. Right as we're about to walk out the door, he says, "Tina, cut my hair real quick." I would like to say, for the record, that I should be a hair stylist. I simply took the wig in a handful, and cut below my fingers. Varis's wig then took on a "Victoria Beckham" type look. Short in the back, longer in the front, slanted ever so slightly. It was beautiful. It was a moment... :)

The party was fun. We got home around 10, which was early, but I was tired of being Linda Carter, and everyone else was tired of their new identities. That was my moment. If I can track down someone at the party who took all the pictures, they will be soon to come..

Love you all! :)

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Anita said...

Oh Tina, I can only imagine the sight you must have been:) You'll have to find some pictures! Now you can go back to your easygoing senior citizens - by the way, I would NOT suggest you wear that costume around those men! Talk to you later - love you!