Sunday, April 20, 2008

formal... for real.

as usual, these pictures are kind of out of order. they're from spring formal tonight.
(my dress was the absolute coolest, cuz it had pockets.)

(me and nay nay.)

(me and renae with jodie. she's our favorite cook in the cafeteria, so we had to go see her before we left.)

(me and renae with the big mixer in the cafeteria's kitchen.)

(meg, me, rayanna, jen- outside the sheraton hotel)

(me, buttoning sean's shirt.)

(me and sean.)

(me and sean, again.)

(me, outside penndel- finally the boys came to pick us up. they were late.)

(renae was trying to get a picture of the back of my hair. it was twisted up the back [by rayanna] and then curled like crazy [by meg].)

(this was after it fell a little... but you get the picture.)

(brad, me, helmut, and clark. this is half of my night class and we decided to take this picture for susan [our teacher] cuz she loves us and wanted one.)

(duck, me and deon. they called this a sandwich. i called it delicious.)

(dan, del, sean, me, jen, ashli and meg. i wish del was omitted from this picture, but it didn't work out that way. just pretend he's not there. same with ashli.)

formal was fun. as i predicted, the best part was taking pictures. del was actually the most obnoxious, rude person ever so that was pretty lame. he went to PBU a while back and wanted to come so someone got him a ticket... bad idea. i kinda went with sean as my date, but we all just kinda went together. i had a fun time and it was soooo much fun to dress up and get ready.

love you guys. talk to you soon. hope you like the pictures :) i wish i could think of something else to write, but i'm tired and i'm about to go to sleep... so that is my excuse.


trresa said...

Great pictures Jess, I'm glad you had a fun evening!

Anita said...

You look positively beautiful Jessica!!!!!