Friday, April 11, 2008

another adventure

is anyone getting tired of my random posts?
cuz if you are then i'll stop posting them :)

so... these pics need a little explanation.
i was hanging out in the cafeteria tonight with a bunch of people and daniel (one of the managers) put me in charge to close the gates, turn off the lights, etc. whenever we were done.... cuz, if you didn't know already, i'm kindof a big deal in the cafeteria. i work there and i do all kinds of odds and ends, so daniel said my friends and i could hang out there as long as we want.
well the caf. closes at 7 and we were there til 10 BUT after that i had to clock in and finish a job that i had started earlier but didn't want to interrupt friend time to finish.
SO it's like 10:30pm and i realize that i have to take the golf cart (used for banquet set-up/food transportation) back up the hill to the spot where it charges so we can use it in the morning BUT it's like torrentially raining and i didn't want to get super-soaked because i still had to walk all the way across campus after this to get my car and take it back down to my dorm. SOOOO i made do with what i had.
*good thing i was wearing my boat shoes... they got a little wet, they're supposed to be light tan*

*i found a chef's coat that i wore as a rain jacket. i also had some bar rags that i used as a head covering but i forgot to take them with me to katie's room so she could take my picture with them on*

*what do ya'll think.... i think i could pull this look off... :)*


trresa said...

Definately, you could be the next Top Chef! And keep on posting, random or not I love it!!

Anita said...

That chef's coat is totally hot Jess! You must take one for yourself - it's a must addition to your wardrobe! And no - we are not getting sick of your posts - I LOVE their randomness!!!:) Love you Jess!