Tuesday, April 15, 2008

just a little heads up....

just wanted to let ya'll know that i am going to my school's formal on saturday.
it's gonna be at the Sheraton Hotal @ Oxford Valley (which is the one that mom and dad stayed in when they brought me to school- so it's nice, but not spectacular).
as you might already know, real christians don't dance. so there will be none of that.
i guess we're just going to eat and sit around. sounds good to me cuz i don't know how to dance for real.
i am going with a big group of friends from school (but none of my roommates are included in that group).
i am also taking a special friend in addition to the group.
SO, just wanted to give the heads up and ask for prayer for a fun, safe night.
keep a look out for pics sometime on sunday hopefully.
<3 jesss


amandawhatshername said...

still no dancing?! who really knows how to dance 'for real' besides johnny and penny? :)

Anita said...

Ok, so did you really think you throw in there something about a special person and not clarify???? Fess up Jess!

Anita said...

And hey, I'm a christian AND a great dancer! hahahahahaha I made myself laugh on that one!!!!

jess said...

well nini-
i invited sean and he is coming. but i don't think it's technically a date or anything. but we will see how things go. :)

trresa said...

Anita is a great dancer and when I have time to post you will see for yourselves!