Saturday, April 5, 2008

(me, sean and jen at the park).

so... i had a great time last night for the first time in a long, stressful while.
here are some pics :) (i really don't know why this thing is underlining everything, but hopefully it will stop cuz it's getting on my nerves.

sean, me, dan, jose and pat at the park.

the gang (minus renae) at the park.

this guy is my hero. he gave me a piggy-back ride and he has a defibrilator that he let me feel under his skin (kinda like my port, only a lot bigger and box-shaped), in return i let him feel my port. he was equally impressed.

i think i was born to be a ballerina. i'm just so good at it :)

renae and sean wanted to try to be ballerina's too.
*i hung out with jen, megan, renae, jose, dan, pat and sean last night from 8ish to 3:30am. we played mini basketball for hours in renae's apartment and i made jell-o. it was a big hit (but only with me and sean). we went to wendy's and we went to the BP for drinks after our games. when it was curfew time at 1am the boys got kicked out and so we decided to go to the park. i felt like such a kid and we played around forever.

i'd post more but i need to do homework like crazy. hope you like my adventures from langhorne into the wee hours of the morning.
<3 jess


trresa said...

It looks like crazy fun Jecca, thanks for the pictures! Love you!!

Anita said...

Jess - I'm too happy for you having some good times. We all need them! You made me miss the park days - it looked like tons of fun...EXCEPT the feeling each other's port thing - that's gross Jess. Love you!

jess said...

the port thing was like the second best part of the whole night :-D

trresa said...

I knew that would be high on your list Jess! Funny ;)

Anita said...