Wednesday, April 23, 2008

why today can't be a bad day

first, i was just high on sunlight and b vitamins yesterday, so i approached the day well.

second, i put on some rarely-worn khakis this morning and found $40 in the pocket. it took me a while to remember to close my mouth.

third, my students wrote on the chalkboard for the first time this semester. they now realize that my handwriting isn't really all that bad.

fourth, my students taught each other the rules of comma usage in class, and it was actually fun at points.

fifth, at the end of class, i overheard one of my students saying that in the beginning of the class she didn't like writing, but now she does. (hallmark moment in which the teacher pretends not to have heard or be crying.)

sixth, after class, one of my students approached me and got my attention by calling me 'miss amanda'. it's been a while since i've heard that one :) but i don't think i've ever heard it from a student.

seventh, i was discussing a paper with a student and the next class started coming in. i went over to my table to pick up and juggle my things as usual, but instead the guy just grabbed it all with one hand and carried it down all four flights of stairs and into my office. (again, teacher wanted to smile and cry at the same time, hallmark-style.)

eighth, it is legitimately gorgeous outside. i'm trying to find a way to do my work outside, but i'm not sure it will actually work today.

ninth, school is out in 2 weeks and 2 days.

tenth, i fly home in 2 weeks and 6 days.

i think those are the reasons why today can't be bad. i have to remind myself of these things because i'm now off to work on harvey's paper. and... i have half a dozen reasons why that paper can't be good.



trresa said...

What an awesome teacher day!! I have tears in my eyes :)

And $40!!!! I wish I was doing that laundry! I also wish I could have seen your face when you found it!

amandawhatshername said... was good. the face, that is. and yes, the teacher day was really amazing too!

jess said...

awe mambi!!! i really miss you and i'm glad you had such a great day!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Anita said... I had tears in my eyes and then I had to laugh out when I read the part about pretending not to be about to cry:) What a great day and....job well done Miss Amanda.