Thursday, August 30, 2007

pat's pizza

tonight everyone that was at orientation today went to pat's for free pizza. the pizza was actually pretty good. i got a double-dough pineapple pizza. quite lovely. earlier today i turned in my syllabus and found out my instructor really liked the paper i wrote on monday night. so far so good, right? i'm actually going to get in bed and watch a movie and then sleep! i know it's only 9:20, but i've been working hard this week! anyway...bring on the last weekend of my freedom. i'm looking forward to it. we're starting it off with ANOTHER potluck meet and greet at a faculty member's house. ugh...more cupcake making for me, i guess. stick to what you know, amanda, stick to what you know.

oh! today at lunch one of the other ta's got all badass and slowly and purposefully flicked a bee off his sandwich like it was no big deal. "oh, i'm pretty sure that bee is dead now," he said after we watched it fly off with a certain arch that you really don't see bees fly in. i laughed so hard that i cried and then had to take off my sunglasses, wipe my eyes and carry on. good stuff. hope it translates...

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Anita said...

Manda - glad to hear you are having some fun times:) Honestly...(who does this sound like??) I don't know what that means about the bee thing, BUT I love it when you laugh so hard! Laugh on girly girl!!