Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little excitement

Wow - after reading Manda and Jess' info for the day I am REALLY appreciating my day even more. Work was easy if not even boring. I cooked AND it was good. And youth group was fun. Okay but picture this one...Big John (Bonesteel) stands up to make a somewhat serious announcement. As he is standing and talking he ever slightly begins raising himself (I guess up on his toes) until his head....yes his head went into the moving ceiling fan. The expressions on people's faces were more than I could handle. He is one weird, no crazy, no eccentric,

Oh the reason I named this little excitement has to do with the seasonings I discovered for my sauteed (sp?) vegetables that I put on my steak-um subs tonight....they were excellent. Henceforth, my little excitement for the day...

By the way, Tina got her money today!