Wednesday, August 29, 2007

guess what i'm doing?

wrong! the answer is writing a syllabus :)

don't be jealous, not everyone can be this cool. here's a little nugget to get you guys as excited about this semester as i am:

"Attendance Policy: Consistent attendance of this class is crucial. There is no substitute for the experiences, discussions and practice time we will have in the classroom each day. Your attendance will affect your grade primarily through in class assignments that may or may not be announced prior to class. Only students will University-mandated absences supported by letters on University stationery and those with documented emergencies will be allowed to make up work. Those who do not satisfy this requirement will not receive credit for assignments completed on the day of their absence."

sure, i'm a little tough, but either they will handle it and be better people for it, or they will drop the class. 13 of my 23 students are business kids, they should be all over this. the rest are a mixed up bunch ranging from new media (no clue...) to mechanical engineers.

should be interesting...

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Anita said...

hhmmmm, I'm feeling like you are in a tough spot Manda. If you find you need a little extra money I bet you could earn some quickly if you could get your hands on a pack of university stationary...just a thought.