Wednesday, August 29, 2007

too many jobs

i think i might have too many jobs.
this would be a picture of me at my job #2. i wash uniforms for the athletic department. sounds fun, right? wrong. other than the fact that everyone needs their things at exactly the same time and we only have ONE washer and ONE dryer (everything is hung dry though... another downside), i have to share this small space with the scariest creature on earth.
this would be the 'crimson eagle'. the pride and joy of PBU... also known as my worst nightmare. yuck. also, it's like 900,000 degrees in here cuz there is no a/c or even a fan... oh yea, and there's another 'perk'... i don't get paid to sit here and wait for the loads to finish, even though i really can't go anywhere because by the time i get to where i am going then it will be time to come back... i think i might quit this job. i had an interview with PBU security today (shuttle driver or dispatcher- both set schedules with 8 hour blocks!), but i don't think it went very well. i was rushing to get there because i had been washing clothes all afternoon and lost track of time... and then the guy just asked so many random questions... oh well, i am supposed to hear from him either this afternoon or tomorrow... and then i will be able to quit washing other peoples' dirty laundry. speak of the devil, i gotta go switch loads so i can log another 6 or 7 minutes on my time card.


trresa said...

My poor baby! I'm proud of you working so hard AND staying in the same room with that bird head!!

jess said...

thanks mommy. i miss and love you, like c-c-c-crazy.

amandawhatshername said...

nice work, jess. informative and entertaining! haha :)

Anita said...

that is a great chuckle you just gave least that bird isn't alive:)