Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank You Blogpost

In case you haven't seen it, I introduced my KitchenAid mixer to the blogworld today.

Right Here

So thank you, Gramma and Papa, for my awesome new mixer!!! As you can see in the comments on the blog already (4 at the time of this posting), mixers mean a lot to foodie bloggers like me.

This mixer will allow me to beat things and walk away. No more hand mixer that may or may not tip over a bowl of batter when I step away. No more breaks for the right arm or awkward turns taken with the left.

In a word, this mixer is fab.

Check out the other blog for pics!


Anita said...

Manda, I love reading your....what's the correct word - blogs, entries - well you know what I mean. They always make me either chuckle or straight out loud laugh:) Either way, they are always an enjoyment. Glad we got to talk today and I hope you feel better soon! Love you!

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