Friday, July 11, 2008

adventures, as of late...

*i decided i wanted to ride the tractor tonight after work,
work clothes and all*

*this is hitler josh when he broke the 2nd comb of the night giving regan dreads*

*this is me on the fourth of july after fireworks and everything.
it was raining like CRAZY and i decided to go out for some rain-dancing*

*awe, me and hosh. my bangs look crunk...oops*

*me and pop. you can't tell but i did his hair like samurai jack*

ok, so i hope you liked a few of my adventures since i've been home for summer.

ALSO, GOOD NEWS!!! i get to go see mandi in august in maine!!! woohooo!!!! yayayyyyy!!!



trresa said...

I'm loving your adventures-especially since I get to see a lot of them in person!! It's great having Jess home :)

Amanda said...

good news about the lost spoon!!!! :)

love the pics, and my pants' appearance in them. yes, fine, you can wear them. :)

jess said...

haha spanks mandi for letting me wear your pants :) they fit like a glove.

and whats the lost spoon?

Amanda said...

"Good news about the lost spoon!" was a comment the Rector of the Czech seminary made after the cafeteria woman reported that a spoon had been recovered. His British accent made it all the funnier and for a year Kira and I couldn't say (or hear) the phrase 'good news' without saying the whole thing. So...I wanted to just say good news, but I typed all of it. Instead of backspacing, I just left it for everyone's enjoyment. :)

jess said...

ahh... i gotcha.