Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new apartment

come one, come all! my new apartment is, at last, somewhat presentable. i'm still not done with my room and there are little things that need to be done around the place, but here are some pictures that will suffice for now.

the kitchen from the livingroom.

livingroom from the kitchen.

the scary practice outline on the back of the attic door. there are a couple of knife marks in my wall too, but we prefer not to dwell on those...

my bedroom: the door, closet, and office area. does the curtain look familiar? :) i painted it to match the pattern on my ikea chair that stayed down in the livingroom.

still my bedroom, this is the window and vanity area.

again, my bedroom. bed, vanity, lackluster bookshelves.'s not much, but it will give you an idea of what i have to work with. perhaps one day you'll be able to see the 'balcony', hallways, many staircases and so forth. :)


trresa said...

It's SOOOOO adorable Amanda!!! I love the kitchen colors! And your room is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures Amanda :)

The Craziness that is My Life said...

I LOVE the apartment. You have wonderful decorating skills.

I must say that I got a chuckle out of the knife marks on your attic door. Sounds like something that I would find. I think it's kind of like a warning to intruders: Mess with me? I am a good aim, see, I've been practicing on my attic door. Even if it wasn't you, keep the door open all the time.. I would.. haha
LOVE you :)

Amanda said...

haha...that's true, christina. i should leave that open more often. :)

jess said...

mambi! i can't wait to see it in person!!! wooty hooty! less than two weeks :)