Thursday, December 11, 2008

finals week.

finals week was quite eventful this semester. katie, steph, rachel and i went out on Monday night for my birthday to Cheeseburger in Paradise.

*steph and katie*
*the birthday girl :)*
I also put together goodie bags filled with candy and treats for my and katie's elderly friends at Langhorne Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where we play Bingo or Pokeno every Wednesday night.

*the final product.*
*i also put together a going-away present for Billy (he's transferring to a college in Florida) from Katie and i.*
*this is me and Addeline, my very favorite nursing home friend. she was very excited to take a picture with me, and she's holding her goodie bag proudly on display.*
*katie and i'm not sure i can remember her name. oops.*
*the ladies (i forget her name, eleanor, and pat) with the new guy (Joe) who's doing community service at the nursing home. ha!*
*katie and joe and oh stink i forget her name too. oops. i wasn't in these pictures because i went with Addie to her room and she was showing me pictures of her grandchildren :), and then we had a heart-felt goodbye until January 20 something.*
*rachel, billy, me, katie and steph. out on wednesday night to say goodbye to billy :(*
*ha. another one. rachel accidentally got cut out of the picture, but it was cute of me and billy.*
so there you have it. thanks for all the birthday wishes today. i am currently packing to come home and just finished watching a movie with rachel. i work tomorrow from 7am-10pm. pray for me. it will be rough. but i get to come home on Saturday morning!!!
love you all.
<3 jecca

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Amanda said...

seems like you had a very smiley finals week. :)