Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday morning, my roommate and I woke up to water dripping from the door frame of our front door. As it turns out, the ice on our roof was melting and coming through our roof and dripping out both sides of the door frame.


So, the landlord sent this guy over.

He stood on our side roof bit and shoveled the snow off. I don't really understand how that helped since we now still have the ice layer, but who am I to question? Needless to say, when Beth and I saw a man standing outside our second story window, we took some pictures.

The reason that he ended up going so far to the corner of our house was that we had been working on a icicle out there that we were sure was going to kill us. It was gigantic and aimed directly at the base of our stairs. My roommate and I did not linger at the bottom of the stairs for fear that we would be impaled. Watch the first two minutes of this video and you'll know exactly what I kept imagining.

Anyway, the guy on the roof knocked the giant icicle off the roof. It's now laying on our snow bank. Last night I approached a broken hunk of it with wonder, only to find that I couldn't reach my two hands around it. I'm telling you... it's big. I couldn't lift it either, but it might have frozen into the snow bank, I'm not sure.

Okay, so after telling Mom about that icicle on the phone last night, she asked me to take some pictures of the icicles about. So here we go.

These icicles are from the opposite side of our house, and I couldn't take one picture that fit the length of them because I was afraid to take my camera outside. Observe.

And the bottom of those same icicles. Notice that some of them meet the snow bank in quite a lovely way.

I think of that kitchen window and being covered with an ice curtain. It's nice, I guess.

So anyway, it's still winter in Maine. Just in case anyone was wondering.


jess said...

haha. bummer about it still being winter. that's no bueno. right now i have my window open, and today i didn't wear my coat outside. i was wearing a tank and a sweater and my coat but it was too much. i actually wanted to just wear my tank for a bit there... but i didn't.
<3 love you mamba!

trresa said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine having that all the time.

Ms Kenny enjoyed the pics today too!

Be careful!!

trresa said...

So, I just watched the video clip-that's awesome and very scary. Thanks.