Saturday, January 31, 2009

Book Sale Finds!

Today turned out to be one of those days that by the time noon came around, I was pretty stinkin' proud of my accomplishments.

I finished reading a book for class this week. I made myself a glorious egg sandwich. And, I found some amazing books at the local library book sale.

Despite my best efforts to sleep in this morning, 10am at the earliest, I was awake and trudging downstairs a little bit before 9am. I was internally grumpy and about to sit down with the above mentioned book, when my roommate came bopping into the room. (I'm not sure that she's ever bopped, but by contrast to how I was moving, "bopping" seems appropriate.)

Anyway, my spirits instantly lifted when my roommate reminded of today's book sale. I bounded back up the stairs, threw on a knit hat that made me feel like the tall guy from The Monkees,

and we were out the door.

The sale was held in a high school cafeteria, and I must admit that both my roommate and I were very much unimpressed with the smell of the sale. However, scent aside, I left the cafeteria with these wonderful reads.

I feel like I can jump to the conclusion that all of these books are wonderful; I’ll retract later if need be.

I got the perfect mix of fiction, biography, expose, instruction, education, humor, and (what else?) cookbooks. Several of these books I bought solely for the purpose of giving away, so I hope I've correctly pegged my friends.

Oh, and somehow this little lady didn't make the stack.

I'm telling you... this sale was tailor-made for me.

As evidence, take a look at the great cookbooks I picked up.

So far, my favorite cookbook is that one with the red plastic cover. It's called "Failure of the Week: Pat's Recipes" and it is absolutely hilarious. It's clear that Pat doesn't take herself too seriously and to prove it, she includes jokes on most pages. Something called "Chicken Pop Pie" caught my eye already. I'll have to try that out. It involves stuffing a chicken with unpopped popcorn and, apparently, watching it fly. I have no idea was that means, but I will keep you posted.

As I was excitedly reading the intro to Pat's book, I saw something magical on the front page. Take a look at this.

That's right! Pat wishes me "Happy Cooking!"

So not only do I have my very own copy of Failure of the Week: Pat’s Recipes, but that copy is signed by the author.

And, to think, I only spent $8 on all those books. See what I mean about the large feeling of accomplishment?

Oh…and another one of my goals for today was to include a video in my blog entry. I know the video is lame and without sound, but give me a break. It was my first.

Alright, I’m off to read!


trresa said...

This is an absolutely fabulous entry!! I was listening very closely to hear a hint of you on the video-maybe next time!Thanks Manda Jo!
PS They spoke of "Banger" on the weather chanel this morning, the temp was 0. Sorry

jess said...

haha. i'm so jealous!!!
i, too, bought a book this weekend. i'm about to post, so i guess you'll get to see it :)

Amanda said...

I love how anyone north of Boston calls it "Banger." Beth and I actually watched a whole news thing on what we thought was a Maine channel in which the weatherman consistently referred to the "Banger" lows. It was... upsetting.

Anita said...

Okay, several things crack me up - feeling like the tall guy in the Monkeys?...the scent of the sale?...Pat's personal message - well that one just makes me smile. I totally am loving all the video clips. I must get on board and figure out how to do this.

Anita said...

I just saw the icicles - CRAZY!!!! It wouldn't let me comment on that post so here I am. Definitely a disaster or even death could occur from one of those falling! Be careful Manda. (I remember that Grey's episode) Okay, but at the beginning of the post you said the man in the picture - well I thought you were talking about the troll on the tv...hmmm. Then I saw "the real man".