Thursday, April 30, 2009

more pics as of late.

this is probably the worst picture i could've posted of my haircut... but it's all i have at the moment. my sideburn looks crunk, but it's actually not. and yes, i have a straight-up rat-tail and 'cuts' on the side. well.... the rat-tail's not straight, it actually curls (and usually to the right), but anyways. these are my new hairs. i'll try to get a better picture soon.

this is me, sitting on an exercise ball, taking stats for intramural basketball. (see how my hairs look normal from the front?) this was also 'dress week'... i don't think i got pictures of all the days, but i wore a dress every day this week to classes and work, etc. you may remember this dress, amanda, as the one you bought for yourself and i stole quite immediately after you brought it home :)

this is tristan's 'jecca' smile. do you see the resemblance? i was quite shocked when ian said, "do the jecca smile!" and tristan produced this lovely cheese right away... i guess he'd been practicing.
S-O-N-I-C... this was a lovely sonic trip around midnight after i had cut the boys' hair for the second night in a row. (jordan, reverend reese, ian, tristan, me and lance) ALSO, why we were there i saw Dan and Pat from church and two other people from PBU. ALSOOOOO, we were driving to this place and someone thought we were going in the wrong direction so we turned aroudn to go opposite for a LoNG time, and then we figured out we just didn't go far enough in the other direction... good thing i got gas before we left.
i went to playwicki on sunday in the blazing 90 degree PA weather and my pitiful cold. i was hoping to sweat the illness out of me... it kindof worked.
me and Jordan!!! also known as Georgina. she's great. i love her.
ok, if that wasn't the most random blog post ever then i don't know what is... back to work, i guess. i'm at dispatch for the next two and a half hours and then i get to go to sleep. i'm excited about that. i love you all.
<3 jecca andrew


Anita said...

Great haircut Jess! It's totally crazy - which I love!!! Can't wait for you to be home...when is that by the way?

Also, that guy really does your smile well.

jess said...

haha! thanks, nini! i can't wait to be home either! may 16th evening-ish. i have to stay for graduation so i should be home by 8 or 9 hopefully that night.

also, tristan said thank you very much (for the smile compliment).