Sunday, April 26, 2009

the stanley boys.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to possibly the coolest men ever (besides Dad & Hosh) on the face of the planet: Tristan and Ian Stanley.

We had Stanley Boy Quality Time on Friday afternoon. It was so fun until Tristan got a call from his workout partner and had to leave. Then it became Ian Stanley Quality Time and that was equally as fun.

I love these boys for several reasons: (1) they are boy versions of Amanda and I (Tristan=Me, Ian=Amanda), (2) they are brothers (I love sibling interactions), (3) they have a personal sense of style unmatched by any other PBU'er, (4) and Ian is going to get a rat-tail because of me.

Also, they were both in the school's production of 'the Mikado'. They did great & I love them.
So there you have it. I love the Stanley men.

Now I'm off to the park to catch up on some much needed Vitamin D.
<3 jecca

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Amanda said...

Cute. I'll be honest, the Mikado makeup freaks me out a little.