Saturday, January 26, 2008

a day in the life of an academic superstar

i have much to do today, so instead of doing it, i'm going to blog about it. then do it.

so, i started by snoozing the alarm clock (that is across the apartment from my bed) for an hour total in ten minute increments. that was wonderfully lovely.

to continue the lovely, i did the 45 minute dvd kettlebell circuit with this lady:

now that i've done the workout thing, i should get to work reading these things:

(heidegger - an essay that i will have to apply to ->)

(naked lunch, clearly. a weird book about drug trips that probably only makes sense if you are also on drugs. so...naturally, it makes NO sense to me.)

(student papers)

(ugh, so many essays)

also - i'd like to take advantage of this:

good luck to me.'s only 10:30, right? i'm totally fine. : )

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jess said...

i wish i actually knew what i had to do this weekend... instead, i've been wandering around the world wide web and doing nothing but a short stint in the dishroom today... fun times.