Monday, January 14, 2008

snow fall!

that's right, it's two words. ladies and gentlemen, i've decided to follow in the tradition of ben gay and go ahead and keep you posted on it.


and, for your viewing pleasure:


Anita said...

Oh stars Manda - I'm so sorry. Was it a smack or a slide with a thump?

amandawhatshername said...

when asked (or in front of my students - with them it seems that i don't even have to be asked) i describe my falls as a slide of one foot, a scramble of the other, flailing of the arms, and finally a slam down into a semi-recumbent seated pose. it's really as inelegant and you would expect it to be.


my boots are wonderful and i was wearing the furry ones when i fell, but i wore the road crew ones (as my friends now call them, thanks mom ;)) when i walked to beth's apartment tonight, which is about a 30 minute walk. there was no falling at all! now...there was a considerable amount more snow, but i have no idea how much ice was below that.


the coats are magical. but i arrive places in a sweat. ugh. oh well. i walk more delicately and slowly when i don't want that to happen.

trresa said...

So sorry about the fall :( but thanks for keeping count and thanks for the video-that's funny stuff!