Thursday, January 10, 2008

home sweet orono

so, i've been back in the lovely state of maine for about twenty-one hours. in those twenty-one hours i have:

+ unpacked
+ tidied the apartment
+ reorganized bookshelf to allow for the coming semester's books
+ cleaned out refrigerator and cabinets to reflect the new amanda's consideration for health
+ made three separate, heavy laden trips to the dumpster
+ paid a surprisingly reasonable electricity bill
+ bought over 100 dollars worth of groceries, this being the first time i have ever spent that much grocery shopping for myself
+ paid too much for gorgeously presented "professional" eye makeup remover, largely because of the gorgeous presentation
+ learned the proper form to use when turning my body into a "fat burning machine" with the kettlebell
+ made my legs sore by practicing the proper form while doing squats with the kettlebell

still to do (things i have not done):

- vacuum apartment
- mop/scrub linoleum areas
- plan jack the ripper class, read materials for assignments
- un- and re- decorate office wall
- read for postscript to transgression class seems do-able, and hopefully it is. i'll keep you posted. i think i'm going to vaccuum and scrub now. apparently i watch ugly betty and grey's anatomy when i'm procrastinating. it's not my's my channel!


trresa said...

Loved the blog entry. Weirdly enough, I missed not having blog entries over the holidays....but I had you and Jess I had more than the blog...but I still missed it.... what does say?

Anita said...

I'm sooooo happy to be able to get back on here again! I wrote a comment yesterday only to realize that I couldn't post because...the password was gone from my thoughts. I've been hanging on suspense - what is a kettlebell and what do you do with it?????

Also, I agree with your mom that it's better having you here but a blog is nice when that's not an option.