Thursday, August 21, 2008

i <3 cupcakes

well...with the semester fast approaching, i've realized that my enjoyment of cupcakes has reached an all new level. it has turned into full on O. C. Baking. at least that is what i'm calling it.

i made cupcakes on saturday (sorry, no pictures, but those cupcakes were yellow and red velvet marbles). i made cupcakes on tuesday for class, and i just finished a batch for class tonight. the first ones i'll show you were made last week. i's a problem.

i iced these with cream cheese icing and then used 'easy writers' food coloring markers to write and draw on the cupcakes. i wrote things that applied to our class readings. like a dork, i know, but it made everyone laugh.
i drew a blueberry on the top of each of these cupcakes because i sunk blueberries into the bottom of each cupcake. very maine.
this a process shot from my tuesday cupcake experiment. i really wanted to achieve a tie-dyed look. how do you think i did?
now on to the cupcakes i made today. these are pink lemonade cupcakes in the oven.

my camera battery died right after this picture, so i don't have any final pictures, but these cupcakes are super cute. both the cake and the icing are pink lemonade flavored, so they are a little tart. i iced these cupcakes pretty liberally and then cut plastic straws down and stuck one in each cupcake.

also...this is so far the smoothest, creamiest icing i've ever made from scratch. i'm quite pleased.

so...those are my cupcakes. at least the recent ones. i'm sure there will be more soon. :)


Amanda said...

note: i HATE those cupcake liners that i was forced to use for the tie-dyed cupcakes. they are clearly the wrong size. clearly.

trresa said...

The tie-dyed ones look amazing!! The colors were beautiful! They all sound wonderful. You're such a baker--making icing from scratch-- you must have had a very advanced teacher ;) And lemonade, Josh may even like that kind of cake. You'll have to make something special for us at Christmas break....please!

jess said...

mambi! those cupcakes are AWESOME!
i think i would put my health in jeopardy to try one of those tye-dye cupcakes. those are seriously AWESOME!
ALSO- guess what i found today at the store... sugar free chocolate chips... heck yes... so now my sugar free chocolate chip/ PB chip cookies will be actually sugar free... except for the peanut butter chips... but how much sugar can be in those anyways? i love you!

Anita said...

Umm, I want to eat one...Looks good Manda!