Friday, August 8, 2008

maine-ly amazing.

* me and mambi with the UofM Black Bear. Yes, we had to climb to get to him.*
*We'd seen commercials for 'Nice Twice' and wanted to visit. I kinda got us on a thrift store kick for the past couple of days.*
*We stopped for a quilting show, but we left when we were told it was $3 each for entry. However, we did get to see some 'art bras'... quite interesting. You'll have to ask Mambi about this one.*
*Me and Mambi at Bar Harbor. I had just gotten done telling Manda my plan of attack if someone offered to take our picture and then ran off with our camera. The guy taking our picture was joking about taking Manda's camera and I was NOT amused. I wanted to punch him in the face.*

*eek.... if you can't tell... that's a lobster meat in the exact shape of the claw. Manda and I were shocked that it came right out of the shell in that shape.
Lobster Caesar Salad: $19.99
Bar Harbor T-shirt: $13.99
Low-Fat Cappuccino Ice Cream: $5.00
A Day in Baa-Haa-Ba with Mandi: Priceless


Amanda said...

hahaha...baa haba is expensive. :) but fun!

also...i found baa haba without directions!!! i mean...the gps was plugged in for the thrift stores, but we didn't even need it. jsyk.

trresa said...

You guys look sooo beautiful!! I'm glad you're having so much fun. I'm so proud that you seek out the "quilt shows" too :)

Anita said...

Wow, was that bear groping you Manda???