Tuesday, August 26, 2008

welcome to penndel

hey guys! just thought i'd post a few pictures of my new digs. hope you like them. my things are a little messy, but they are the neatest of all the 5 roommates :)

*my closet*
*nay-nay on my bed. i love her.*
*my dex. notice the family blog on the computer screen :)*
*my part of the book shelves. the top shelf (obviously) and the shelf beneath are mine. there are shelves to the right of these that go all the way to the ceiling.*
*my cabinets in the kitchen. also, mom notice the new black box... electric skillet for $9.99 at ALDI's.*

there will be more/better/new pictures soon. after everyone cleans up their crap.


Anita said...

Looks great Jess, only...did you think about matching with your roommate???:)

Amanda said...

um...did you buy the that you told me was too big for my head?!


jess said...

i don't believe i bought the hat i said was too big for your head...
this one has elastic at the back and the one you tried on didn't... and thus the problem was created.

trresa said...

Great use of space batman!! I'm so happy you were unpacked so quickly, way to start a semester:)