Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring break smathering.

katie and i did a bunch of things but i didn't take too many pictures. anyways, here are a few to whet your appetite.

dad let me and katie climb up with the muffler man. i'm not a huge fan of heights.

my costume after josh's show at Buddha's Place. i look a little too happy... but it's probably just because i was at home :-D
some random pirate/muffler man on our way down to VA. i think this was somewhere in delaware. i had to jump a fence to get to him, but it was so worth it.
matt gerdin took some pictures of me and katie on wednesday. here's one of them. there were about 100 more, but i figured i'd just give you all a little taste. hopefully i'll post some more later.
<3 j


Amanda said...

leggings are not pants!!!!

in your defense, my roommate liked the outfit. :)

jess said...

hahaaaaa! i knew you'd say something to that effect.
i'm aware that leggings are not pants. note that i called it a costume and not an outfit. i wore it to the bar where josh was playing and then to plaza. Josh approved and didn't notice that i wasn't wearing pants until i said something about them being leggings. lydia also loved the outfit.... i can't help it that i like to not wear pants sometimes :)

trresa said...

You girls are hilarious! Great post Jecca!!!

Amanda said...

I mean... do your thang. As long as you know that its your thang.