Sunday, December 9, 2007

the countdown begins

as you all might know... it's only three days until i come home from PA.

yes... that's right. i'm coming home on my birthday...

right again, it is my 21st birthday. yeehaw.

it has been 2 years since i got to celebrate a birthday at home and although i have to drive approximately 6 hours for it, i am overjoyed to be able to spend it at home.

i know what you're all thinking... 'this post sucks. there's no pictures! jess always puts pictures!'
i agree... it does suck... i'm sorry... but i have too much stuff to do, to stop and find pictures to put in here... i'd rather just get all my stuff done, then ramble on down to good ol' VA and have you look at me in person.

so that's my story... and i'm stickin' to it.


The Craziness that is My Life said...

a girls night and a cocktail is in order perhaps? you, me, nita, manda, your mom... think about it... can't wait to see you my love


amandawhatshername said...

yes, please. i'm in the cheap beer capitol of the world here in maine. i'd lay down my sword for a long island.

Anita said...

No suckage in this post Hessica! This is fabulous news to me! I can't wait to see you and I'd love to hang out...not drink - me that is...but hang, celebrate, laugh, have great times - that I am definitely up for. Can NOT wait to see you!!!

trresa said...

thank you for not looking for pictures, i know how much you should be doing right now :) and i absolutely can not wait for you to be home and then manda and then we'll all be home again!! Definately a girls night out christina!! plan on it!! ok, i think i've used up my allotment of !!!!!'s so i better stop :()

jess said...

<3 you all!

Anita said...

What time Tuesday should you be coming in?????