Sunday, December 16, 2007

sorry, kids, but i hate these layouts

i promise to create something lovely and fun over christmas. maybe we can incorporate a family photo or two, but i just did not like that last one.

and yes, it is all about me.

see you soon!


jess said...

haha, mandi... you are silly...

i want you to be here, now!!! there are a lot of things i want us to do together... and i know you have plans but i can't wait for you to get here!!!
<3 jecca

trresa said...

1.Thankfully we don't have your kind of "snow events" around here.

2.I think I like this page better than the last one!

3.And I TOTALLY agree with Jess, we want you here now.

amandawhatshername said...

believe me, i would much rather be there. my paper is almost done, and now i'm going to redo the annotated bibliography. then it's smooth sailing!

(the smooth sailing bit will probably kick in once i'm on the plane. it doesn't look like these projects are going to be finished early at all.)

oh well! only 2 days of this craziness left!

and jessica - my number one plan is to sleep. other than that...i'm all yours. well, and my students'.