Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NY Take 1

i went to NY this past weekend to visit renae!!! somehow i set daniel (my gps) to shortest distance and not fastest time... so i got a tour of back-roads in new jersey for about four hours before i actually got there. it took twice the time it was supposed to, but it was alright in the end. kindof an adventure :)

this is at matt's house... and yes, there is a hammock hung from the walls in his room. it's my favorite thing ever... mom, mandi- don't you think we need one of these in our room?!

here we all are... that's matt notaro... this was shortly after we had a bit of a tiff that involved him drinking a water bottle while laying on the ground and me tipping it up to get him wet... he was a baby and ended up pouring the whole thing on me... oh well... :)

me and renae were twins, yay! this is when we were trying to figure out what to wear to Six Flags Great Adventure the next day.

this is us on the ferris wheel at great adventure. it was 95 degrees this day. needless to say, 9 hours was way too long to walk around and stand in line (at least an hour at all rides, 2 hours at most...)... we also had to drive +2 hours to get to this place and get back to the church afterwards. it was a long day.

i forget which ride this is, but the picture was taken from the top of the ferris wheel. i don't even remember if i rode this one or not... ha!

so, i was a bit nervous going to great adventure because i hadn't ridden any coasters or rides since having surgery and even though i can't barf, there was the potential for miserable times and possible foamies... but thankfully there was none of that. renae actually felt sick on one of the rides and i didn't so i was very happy that everything worked out. renae and i also decided to be thrifty at the park so we grilled chicken the night before and packed chicken salads and snacks so we wouldn't have to pay millions of dollars for food (and probably not have anything that i could eat anyways.) i got out of the whole thing having only to pay $10. i bought an italian ice and a frozen lemonade (both $5)... i know what you might be thinking (or at least mom might be thinking), isn't that like way too many carbs/sugars?... the answer is yes... i am aware. however. i was also aware that it was 9 million degrees and i wanted to cool my inner-core temperature before i exploded or imploded, one of the two. so it was a fair compromise.

i'm going back to NY tomorrow to see renae again! her friend-boy doesn't have a way to get up there and was telling renae's friends he was coming (and they were telling renae) but had no real way of ever pulling it off. i told him he either needs to get up there or tell renae he's not coming so he's not a jerk... he took my advice and we're leaving tomorrow :)



trresa said...

Great adventures Jess~thanks for the pictures!! I'm very glad you got the ice things, I'm allllll for that!!! Have fun this weekend and tell Renae's Mom thanks for me :)

Amanda said...

about that hammock...i would be sooooo untrusting of that thing! i would just wait for it to fall and throw me onto the ground!

in other words, yes! hook one up! just don't put it over my bed :)

Anita said...

Gosh that looked like fun!!