Monday, June 16, 2008

NY take 2

went back to NY again this past weekend. a lot of the weekend (on my part) was spent waiting around for the others to wake up and get ready to do stuff... i love renae, her family, and her NY friends though so it was great to see them all again so soon. i also got to go swimming with maegan and morgan which was fun (i wanted to go swimming last weekend but didn't get to). mark (anthony) came over to matt's house on saturday night and he is hilarious (i didn't see him last weekend). we had a campfire with dark chocolate s'mores on saturday night and i spent probably 3 hours in the hammock (outside, not in matt's room) by the fire just swinging and listening to the boys be silly.

here are some pictures from a photo shoot we had at a cemetery up the road from renae. did i mention that i love renae? cuz i do.

*this stone is quite tall if i do say so myself. it took skill getting on top of this, i used renae for help but jumped off myself :)*

renae took like 5 minutes to do this pose. there was a lot of talking about it and then about 2 seconds of doing it :) good job, nay.

renae and i had to climb up this tombstone (?), it was actually like 5 feet off the ground... which is kinda tall i think... like 8" shorter than me...

i was trying to get down from this one, there was really no ledge to step on... just a sloping thing that i kinda slipped down... the picture we took posing on the top of this one wasn't as cool as this one. ha!

we went to 'twin cone' for treats after the cemetery. i had a black raspberry soft-serve cone. mom, you would have loved this place's cones! it was amazing. renae had some sort of ice type thing which she proceeded to spill ALL down the front of her... figures. :)


trresa said...

I feel Renae's pain, I drop things on my shirt allll the time!

Sounds like you had another great weekend, I'm so happy for you. Thanks again to the Renae's family :)

Anita said...

I LOVE watching pictures of fun times!! Glad you had them Jess and great pics!!! Love you!

Amanda said...

nice pics, jess :)

come to maine and take pics with me!