Saturday, September 20, 2008

i'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell...

but luckily, my sickness leads to a lot of baking. :)

tonight i made jessica's superfancy oatmeal splenda cookies. and, just to make them my own, i made a dozen cupcookies. observe:

beth - probably correctly - pointed out that i was so uncomfortable with the cookie baking genre that i had to translate it to a form that i felt some control over.

so...voila! cupcookies!


jess said...

i'm loving the cupcookies.
you'll have to let me know if they cooked all the way through.
love you, mambi.

Amanda said...

they did cook all the way through and they were perfect. i tried to take a picture of one broken open, but the flash was too intense and it just looked white.

but, yes! they cooked in about ten minutes. and i used my tiny cupcake silicone pan so they popped right out when i flipped the pan over.


Anita said...

Hey, that was part of what we discussed in my bible study tonight - I was going to try to explain but well...the typing suddenly stopped. Anyway, however it makes it all doable to you, go for it. Cupcookies it is....Love you Manda!