Saturday, September 27, 2008

some pics.

*i found this AMAZING dress in a consignment shop in Yardley, PA called Fashion Re-View. It was supposedly my size... but it definitely didn't fit like it should have. ha. nevertheless, i had to show amanda. i might go back in a few weeks and try it again.*

*this was some Casa Coffee (spanish?) from H-Mart (definitely Asian). as you can see, you fold out the little tabbies and you pour boiling water in the pouch and when it comes out the bottom it's ready to drink. it was really good but really strong. megan and i drank it and now we have the shakes... megan said that every pore in her body was about to go crazy. i have a bit of a headache now... oh well. it was good.*

*we finally got a couch in our apartment (it's kinda busted... oh well). i also did laundry for the first time in about 3 weeks :) as seen on the couch.*

*i also purchased a table and four chairs for our apartment today. only the chairs would fit into my car, and i have until friday to pick up the table. i also have until then to find a WAY to pick up the table :) dad, you wanna come visit me in the truck? :D*

*hahahahaaa!!! our bathroom light went out today. we improvised with one of our five lamps usually inhabiting the living room*

*hope you enjoyed some random pictures from the past week. i'm sure there will be more soon. the apartment is actually looking like a place where people live these days. i'm very excited. i love you guys. see you in 2 weeks when i come home for fall break!!! :)*


trresa said...

Okay, the dress is AMAZING, you're right.

Your apartment looks really good! And the table and chairs!!!! Great job Jess! How much did they cost? And I can't believe you got four chairs in your car!!

And was that a pink bathroom?? I'm lovin it!

Amanda said...

Umm...I think we need to define the term 'amazing'. That dress is horrific. It is an interesting novelty piece, but please, oh please, do not buy that thing!

Your apartment, on the other hand, looks so fun. My favorite part was the pink toilet with white seat. Class-ay! :)

Anita said...

Your post was very fun but I must say Manda made me laugh out loud with that comment! I love the fact that the chairs are all sitting just as if they were pushed up to the table! That's great! Love all the photos! What a great surprise tonight when I came on here. I absolutely LOVE seeing yall's pictures and such. Love you Hessica and Manda!!

Amanda said...

also...the tile in your bathroom? is it the same as the bathroom at home? i can't tell...

jess said...

yes mambi.
that would be correct.

trresa said...

Is there ice and water in the door of the fridge? And if so, does it work?? That's an unexpected feature.