Thursday, September 18, 2008

there was a creature on my car!

*there was a praying mantis on the roof of my car the other day. kinda scary. katie tried to take a picture of it on her phone but then it flew at her and she screamed like a girl. quite out of character for her...*

*i couldn't believe that there was actually a praying mantis on my car. RIDICKALOUSSS!!!*

I have to work tomorrow morning from 7am-12pm and then from 1pm-4:45pm. So I think I'll go to sleep now. Also, tomorrow katie, steph and i are going to visit Chris, Laura and Ms. Callie. We're all very excited.
<3 jess


Amanda said...

you know, i was just thinking about what a badass katie was getting all up close and personal to that bug. then you said the part about the screaming like a girl and how that was out of character for her and it made me laugh. i think i like that girl.:)

trresa said...

That mantis was praying for you Jess! Probably that you wouldn't lose your keys or lock them in your car or that you wouldn't drive too fast! He's my kind of mantis :)

Anita said...

That is crazy!!! Give Laura a hug for me!