Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fall break.

here's a hodge-podge of pictures from fall break.
*dress up at grandaddy's house.*
*trip to huntington beach/ fort fun/ VA war museum*
*ballet on top of a tank... notice that anita is way too cool for my kid games :)*
*ANITTAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (you should probably start a countdown until the next time i come home :) let me know what you come up with!)*
*we were making pumpkin pies... it didn't look too good at first...*
*cookies! (katie and anita)*
*katie, me, anita+bonnets=fun times*
*haha. katie, josh, me, tina, anita, lauren, trav.*
*COUSINS!!! (but not complete)*
*they doubted me...* "i don't know what to do with my hands!"
*tina in her uniform. she's so legit.*
*my beautiful photography :) katie at yorktown beach*
*me and matt both looking a little crunk at yorktown beach*
*katie on a canon at one of the yorktown battlefields*
*wild child(ren) at buffalo wild wings with hosh, juancho and heather.*
*hosh stole my hat.*
*katie and i in our new coats... and our new favorite hats.*
*lifeguard stand at huntington beach.*
*hahahaaa. i almost fell off of this thing.*
*josh in anita's sumo costume.*

WOW!!! katie and i had a great time with everyone when we came home this past weekend. we were laughing today about how we got dead tired every day around 7pm because we were constantly doing things. it was great to have a few days off of work and school and it was AMAZING to be able to spend time with you guys, my family. i definitely am looking forward to coming home for christmas! love you all. talk to you soon.


Amanda said...

aw...that all looks amazingly fun!

my favorites - travis and his hands, josh in the suit, anything that involved hats (bonnets included) or formal wear.

also, looking at these pictures i was thinking how ridiculously underdressed you all were, but then i remembered that not everyone lives in maine. it's 42 degrees today. and that's NOT celsius. :)

trresa said...

awesome pictures jess! it's was great having you here, now we all look to christmas!!!