Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i'm coming home tomorrow. i'm super excited. whoa, baby! i'm excited.
(i'd be even more excited if mambi was gonna be there too though. i love you, mambi.)

*the other day i made a jello concoction for rachel, katie and i.*
*that's right... it was two-toned. kiwi strawberry and lime sugar-free (of course) jello!*

my sweatshirt matched my jello :) ha!
*the same night as the fantastic jello, katie and rach decided to see if they could touch hands from one window to the other. here's the funny thing, rachel's like 6' tall and katie's like 5' tall. so katie was really hanging out the window (on the third floor, mind you) and rach had her feet firmly planted on the ground. quite a sight.*
*yes... i am sitting in the closet. it's my secret hiding place.*
*i had an accounting exam to study for and everyone was being all loud. so i dragged my chair in there and there i stayed for about 45 minutes before anyone realized where i was. *
*this was getting a little late and perhaps i was getting a little delirious... haha. the door's closed in this one and the one previous. i'm telling you, i love that closet. it's just the right size.*
*ACCOUNTING EXAM!!! i actually like accounting, but i was a tad stressed over this one.*
*strike a pose (at 1am) with your toothbrush in your mouth :) and then note the different patterns/colors going on :)*
ok so that was a little glimpse into my silly life as of late.
i love you all.
<3 <3 <3

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trresa said...

I love seeing your place Jess, it's great. That's a big closet, congrats on that one. And please don't fall out of that window! I get to see you in person today!!!!!!!