Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here we are ready to begin carving, high hopes of the wonderful designs just waiting to appear.... With each scoop of insides, yes it will be amazing!

About now Keven says, "I think I need my glasses"

Then I said, "You're face looks so serious", Keven said "I'm just trying to make my pumpkin not look like ass"

So here's the finished product

He thought he was smiling, but it's kind of scary

They look really good in the dark!

Happy Halloween Everybody!


jess said...

i am so tremendously sad i missed this!!! it looks like so much fun. i was just telling katie the other day that i have never carved a pumpkin ever in my life...

also...in the pic where dad is supposed to be smiling... he's got a little bit of a "Big Black" eye going on there :)
<3 i love you both!

Anita said...

I love them!!!!! Why didn't this big event wait for Thursday? Just kidding...Your pumpkin may not look like ass but I bet Keven's hand smelled like it:(

Amanda said...

This post is amaaaaaaaazing. Mom, your commentary is dead on. Dad's "smile" is fantastic and I agree with Jessica about the Big Black thing. Hilarious!

The pumpkins look great too :)

I'm sad Josh didn't make one with a zombie or maybe a couple kissing or something.

trresa said...

While we were carving I told Keven that we never did this while you were growing up becuase it was so dangerous! We were cutting and oopsing all over the place. Luckily he didn't watch me too close, he would have taken the knife away.

Yes, I noticed his eye thing. He's a tired man, what can I say. When he saw the picture he said he really thought he was just smiling normal. Ha!

Anita there certainly was a smell going on. And the ass comment, well, when I wrote it it was a regular sentence and then when it posted it put just the word ass on the bottom line. Weird. And funny. Keven was so funny. He had such high hopes and by the end he was saying he needed to apologize to Dean and Don's for what he did to the pumpkin. He was fuss fussing, but it was very funny to listen to.

Josh made one last at small group. And it had fire and something else. That's what prompted up tonight. He left his at the Forgeng's with all the others and he got pictures but he wasn't home tonight for me to get them off his camera. I'll try to post those later.

It was fun but it was sad because I really wish we could have all been together. One day.