Sunday, October 19, 2008

See what I mean?

These are banana chocolate chunk cupcakes.

Verrry different from their cousin, the banana bran muffin I made earlier this weekend. If you'll refer to my last post, I think you'll see that there is no contest.

In making these cupcakes, I tried my hand at ganache-making for the first time. Let me just tell you - there is not much easier or more rewarding than making ganache. It was spectacularly simple. After I bought the food processor, that is.

I also want to introduce you to September, the newest cupcake-cessory in my life. I picked up this super nifty cupcake carrier at Kmart, of all places. I was browsing the breast cancer product area and lo and behold! a cupcake carrier!

Of course I had no choice but to buy it. Gone are the days when I have to carry my heavy ceramic Ikea platter all the way from my car to the office. Forget arm soreness or precarious balance issues! September has just made my life sooo much easier.

I'm just too excited. As you can see.

By the way, the banana chocolate chunk cupcakes are fantastic. And, despite the recipe's proposed yield of 20 cupcakes, I ended up making 27 cupcakes all told. Success!

It is a good day to be a cupcake.


jess said...


september... is that her name?
i'm lovin' it.
i also love how you pipe the icing or ganache (i assume) on top. very classy.

trresa said...

Wonderful Amanda! And I'm loving September too!!