Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow day tactics.

the following guidelines should be adhered to in order to secure a snow day.

numero uno (Spanish): wear your pajamas (also clothes of any type) inside-out and backwards. if you feel too dumb about wearing your clothes backwards, just try the inside-out trick.

number 2 (English): flush as many ice cubes as is toiletly possible down the 'commode'. NOTE: after writing this, my snow day researcher (the lovely Megan Markloff) informed me that you should flush one ice cube per inch of snow you are requesting from the toilet gods.

nombre trois (French): place a cotton ball (or a spoon...) under your pillow.

anzahl vier (German): scream the phrase "snow day" into the freezer (if you live in an apartment building where noise is restricted, please consider speaking softly and not screaming).

numero cinque (Italian): summon the snow gods by enlisting a native friend to teach you snow day dances. perform these dances while running around your place of residency and laughing with friends.

aantal zes (Dutch): begin calling the emergency weather cancellation line to check the status of the day's events immediately after midnight. when you wake up in the morning, call at least 2 times to be sure of what you heard (either negative or positive).

nummer syv (Norwegian): sleep with your head at the oposite end of the bed.

skaits astonus(Latvian): place your planner in the freezer. i, personally, am too attached to my planner and cringe at the thought of anything happening to it... i might skip this one.

szama kilenc(Hungarian): lick a spoon and place it under your mattress before bed (and hope you don't feel it like the princess and the pea).

numer dhjete (Albanian): finally, combine all of the tactics above into a mish-mash of insanity. try to remember to document it so you can show your friends and family later, and try not to be too embarrassed about it.

so, there you have it folks, a multi-lingual, educational feast of snow day knowledge. most of these things were carried out last night in hopes of a snow day today. it did not work. HOWEVER, it has been snowing for approximately 24 hours now and the roads are getting nasty. one of my roommates in fact used a naughty word on the shuttle from main campus to our apartment in fear of slippery doom. i say all this to say that the odds of a snow day tomorrow are growing by the minute. i'll be getting to bed on time tonight, just in case this doesn't happen. but i really hope it does... and you better believe i'll be calling the cancellation line as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning.

i love you all.
happy snow day.
<3 j


Amanda said...

you've totally eclipsed me with your videos. :)

Anita said...

Now that made me laugh out loud...thanks Jess! The snow gods - I love them. So, did it work???

trresa said...

I so love the videos!!!! Sorry it didn't work out for you but you guys certainly had fun trying-thanks for a great blog!!!!