Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekend recap.

as usual, the photo-uploader is unpredictable so these might be a little out of order.

this weekend, katie and i took a trip to Nyack College in New York to visit with some of her friends there and her boyfriend. I had a GREAT time just hanging out. I look forward to going back to hang out again, and also to go to the Palisades (the biggest mall I've ever seen... ever!).

This is Baby Nait (the boy on the left), Gus Gus (the alligator), Pelly (Katie's boyfriend), and Henry (the big stuffed bear Katie gave Pelly for Valentine's Day).

Henry and I made an instant connection.
I wanted to take a picture of the sign that said "Welcome to New York!" BUT I didn't know it was coming up until it had passed, so this was the next sign I saw :)

Chris and Laura invited Katie and I out on Saturday night to help Anita celebrate her birthday. We were VERY EXCITED, but we were nervous about what to wear. I believe Laura's words were 'Smart Casual'. We didn't know what that meant. So, we went shopping at 5:15pm and they were going to pick us up at 7:30pm. We didn't leave the mall until 6:40pm. We were running around like crazy (but they ended up being late...even though we were ready at 7:30 anyways). Anyways, this is what I came up with. It's truly a Gap outfit. The black shirt I already had (from Gap). I found the pants and sweater at Gap also. I borrowed Renae's peep-toe semi-flats from Old Navy (also in the Gap family). Meg let me borrow her headband also. I don't know where that's from. Meg also obliged and took this picture of me and Katie in all our loveliness after we returned from our adventure.
And this one also. I didn't know which one was better :)
MOMMMM!!!! I saw this building when we were walking in the city. It made me miss you. So I took a picture of it for you!!!

Laura, Anita, Katie and I on the steps of some building in the city. It's blurry if you make it big. I don't know why, but I'm sorry. We went to Chris' Jazz Cafe also in Philadelphia. The music was good. The guitarist was really drunk and he kinda ruined it. The bassist, drummer and pianist though were amazing. My favorite was the bassist. I took some video of the music, and of the drunk guitarist's ranting but I can't figure out how to get it in the right format so I can play it on my computer. Hopefully I'll figure that one out soon.
Before we went to the jazz cafe, we went out to eat at Estia's in Philadelphia. It's an amazing, fancy Greek restaurant. My first impression, which I shared with Katie and Anita, was that it was a Philadelphia Mafia hangout. I wouldn't be surprised if I was right. But the food was amazing, the atmosphere was so lively (so many people in there and talking all loud- I felt like everyone was part of a big Greek family in there, even though they obviously weren't), the waiter had a special contraption to sweep the crumbs off the table after he cleared our plates, the bathrooms were crazy fun.... get the idea? It was great...and so was the Chocolate Souffle for dessert! Happy Birthday, Anita!!! I'm so glad Katie and I got to share it with you, Chris and Laura!!!

UPDATE: i realized after the fact that parts of this blog were messed up. so i did some editing. then i came back to preview the blog and saw that one of my photos had been deleted. arg. hopefully it all works now. love love love.


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Sweet post, J. I definitely think you nailed the "smart casual." Very cute.

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thanks, mamba.