Sunday, November 23, 2008

I thought the reference was pretty clear

but I guess not!

Here you are then. Enjoy. :)

'I woke up in love this morning' by the Partridge Family


jess said...

i didn't get it before.
but now i do :)

trresa said...

That's so great!! I wasn't even thinking that far back. This is a great way to start today! Thanks:)

Anita said...

Ok, so I thought the song was lovely and it woke me up nicely this morning...HOWEVER, I'm afraid I'm missing me out.

jess said...

oh nini...

amanda changed the words of the partridge family song from "i woke up in LOVE this morning, went to sleep with YOU on my mind" to
"i woke up to SNOW this morning, went to sleep with SUN on my mind"

do you get it now?

Anita said...

Ohh, thanks Jess! I can always count on you to do some splainin...:)