Tuesday, November 25, 2008

maine-ly surprised.

wow. i was extremely surprised to see a person that looked exactly like my brother in the philadelphia airport this morning at 6am on my way to visit mandi in maine. i started crying when i realized that it was actually hosh. i couldn't believe it. i was so confused.

josh told me that everyone around us was looking at us and smiling. there was lots of hugging and lots of crying (on my part). there was actually a lot of question-asking as well. josh told me that i said, "what?! what's going on here?!"

ok, fast forward a few hours to the bangor, maine airport. i went to meet amanda and we went to claim my luggage... and then some strange boy comes up behind amanda and asks if she's seen his luggage. then some more crying started, because it was HOSHHHHH!!!!!!!

i'm telling this story horribly. i'm sorry. the truth is i really can't explain it. great surprises. great reunions. wonderful, wonderful day.

here are some pics of the day, but only from amanda's camera (because her computer doesn't like josh's or my memory card):

purple wig :) ha!me and mambi <3
hosh (pounding chicken) and mambi (cutting onions) fixing dinner. it was yum!

hopefully there will be more pictures to come soon. love you all.
<3 jess

p.s.- mom, i can't believe you kept such a secret! you're sneaky :) thank you. so much.
i love you.


Anita said...


Anita said...

Okay, so I got to read it and now I'm all teared up too. I'm so happy that yall are together. I hope (and I think you do) yall appreciate that you have each other and you want to be together - no matter how much fanagling (sp?) is involved. Now enjoy each other and make lots of fun memories. And, can you continue to post along the way please???:) Love you all!

Anita said...

And one more thing, Jess and Manda - yall are looking very very alike!

trresa said...

Thanks for the post, I was hoping to see someone!! And....I can't believe I kept the secret either!! It was very difficult! You're the best kids ever--have tons of fun.

Amanda said...

I think you told the story quite well, Jessica. :)

And don't hate on my computer. Or my camera!

We can pass my memory card around and take advantage of you and Josh's superior cameras.